Fantasy Sports

To know about fantasy sports, first we have to know what is the meaning of fantasy sports?

Fantasy sport is a sport based on fantasy, fiction, imagination, etc. This is a sport where a Fantasy owner builds a team which competes with the team of other Fantasy owner or Fantasy sports is where a group of people, usually family and friends will gather together and create their own teams to play the sports. It will depend on fantasy owner whether he make it as a individual sport or the team sports. For the growth of this Fantasy Sports, a organization was founded in 1999 in the name of Fantasy Sport Trade Organization. Next step for growth of fantasy sports is found a Fantasy Sport Writer Organization in 2004, so that Journalist can make the publicity of fantasy sports; make it popular all over the world. Nowadays there are lots of famous fantasy sports.

Fantasy sport mainly includes:-

  • Fantasy Cricket Sports:- Team Game
  • Fantasy Soccer Sports:- Team Game
  • Fantasy Tennis Sports:- Individual Game
  • Fantasy Basketball Sports:- Team Game
  • Fantasy Baseball Sports:- Team Game
  • Fantasy Hockey Sports:- Team Game
  • Fantasy Racing Sports:- Whether Bike or Car
  • Fantasy Wrestling Sports, etc.

Fantasy Sports is the new generation sports, as this kind of sports don’t need any kind of physical play and Fantasy sports is completely based on fiction and imagination. Fantasy Sports plays a very vital role in student life. Fantasy Sports helps to build school-wide community, as students, teachers, administrators, and support staff can play together. Fantasy sports are based on real-world data, and students can follow their players on television, in newspapers, or online. This allows them to make connections between math at school and math in the real world. Surveys of Fantasy sports players suggest that they commit their time and energy to these games to make and maintain friendship, have fun, compete with others and enhance their existing passion for sports. Now, these fantasy sports are easily available on Internet enabled mobile phones, also adds the functions like view the leagues standing, check your player statistics, see week by week scoring on the net, etc. These fantasy sports are not just played for fun, spending time, but there is another reason to play this kind of Games, that is to win Cash or Gifts. In many online fantasy sports websites there are gifts and cash for the winner, for best scorer, making records, etc, Hence it is also a good and beneficial reason to play the fantasy sports.

In the above we discussed about meaning of fantasy sports, its benefits and the organization that helps in promoting the fantasy sports. Apart from this there are certain limitations and disadvantages also, which we have to discuss if we are discussing about Fantasy Sports. The main disadvantage of this sports is that it is very much affected by gambling, and thus there are conditions of loss also, that may cost disadvantage to the player, apart from this there are some other small problems like sometime any technical problem comes, or you cant change the team players, if they are not listed in the sports system, For Example you are playing Cricket and you want to select a particular player for Indian team, but the player is not listed on the game site, you are not be able to change the player.

After discussing the topic of Fantasy Sports, we will comes to the conclusion that it is a fiction sports which a player plays to make and maintain friendship, have fun, compete with others and enhance their existing passion for sports and to earn money if his luck supports. There is a great future for this Fantasy Sports, as the Organization named Fantasy Sport Trade Organization taking the necessary actions to make it popular by its day by day publicity through the journalist and posting few free online games in the internet.