Fantasy Premier League Football (Barclays)

Fantasy League Football is a very popular fantasy sports game in the United States. The participants of Fantasy Football are known as owners and they form a team of real life football players through auction and then win points on the basis of the players' real-life performance on field. Usually a fantasy league is composed of players from a particular league, for example the NFL or the NCAA division. The leagues can be accordingly ordered where the team which scores the most points in a completed season wins.

Fantasy Premier League Football History


The came was conceptualised by Bill Winkenbach in 1962 with help from Scotty Stirling, Oakland Tribune's beat writer, Bill Tunnel, a public relations man from Raiders and a few others. The idea developed while the Raiders took a three week trip to the East Coast and when they returned, they established the first ever fantasy football league known as the GOPPPL (Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League). With the advancements in modern technology and the internet during the late 90s, the participation in fantasy football rose drastically to the level where it is today.

The Fantasy Football Premier Leagues

Each league in Fantasy Football has about 8-14 teams. There are three primary types of leagues: the keeper leagues, dynasty leagues and the redraft. The owner in redraft starts off the game without any players when the season begins and then gradually drafts a complete fantasy team. In the keeper league, each of the owners is permitted to hold on to a few players that they had in their team the previous season as consequently removing these players from the draft. In the dynasty league, the owner has the permission to keep as many players as they wish from their last season while the draft consists of fresh youngsters as well as other un-retained players. The players are drafted into a team in two major ways - the serpentine draft where the team gets hold of a draft position and selects a player or by an auction, where the owners bid on the players to get them into their roster.

Trading and Free Agents

The players that are engrafted become the free agents. These players do not belong to any current roster and are available for the teams. While the season is on, the owners can add as many players from the list of free agents as they wish but it has to be done within the pre-set rules. When a new player is selected, another player from the current team has to be dropped. These free agent transactions can be handled in any of the three ways. They can be acquired on a first come first serve basis, or bidding where the highest bidder wins the free agent or by the "worst to first" basis, in which the teams with the lowest rankings are given the priority to choose a particular free agent first.

The owners can also make changes in their roster by trading with other owners during the season. This is particularly convenient as there are less rules associated with this and it is totally upon the teams how they handle the trading. However to prevent any kind of cheating, the teams are not allowed to carry trade when two-third of the season has already passed.

Fantasy Premier League Football Scoring

The points are based on the weekly performance of the players in the field. For each touchdown, 6 points are rewarded. Points are also rewarded for rushing, passing and receiving yards. Negative points are also awarded, for example in the case of turnovers. There are also bonuses which are given on the basis of outstanding performances, for example when a quarter back throws for over 300 yards or when a kicker scores a long field goal. The team defences can also gain points for moves like safeties, turnovers and sacks. Individual players in the defence usually do not get any points for overall team stats, for example constraining the rival team within a particular score or yardage total.