Extreme Sports

As the name says, extreme sports means it is a collection of newer sports involving adrenaline including action. The alternate name of Extreme Sports is Action Sports, as it is fully packed with actions. Extreme sports are basically a combination of speed, heights, adventures, spectacular stunts and danger. Extreme sports are newest level of sports and hence basically played by young generation. This is world famous adventurous and risky sport.

There are lots of risks involved in playing Extreme sports. Extreme sports basically includes high level of inherent danger or difficult and often involving speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized gear or spectacular stunts. Extreme sports can include both competetive as well as non-competetive activities. Extreme Sports can also be define as Athletic pursuits that involve a high degree of danger or risk.

History of these Extreme sports are not much old, as it’s a new concept in sports section. Many assume that Extreme sports was discovered in early 1970’s, with rock climbing and marathon running, but at that time, Extreme sports not so famous. In late 20th Century, Extreme Sports gains popularity all over the world by media promotions. Enhanced Sports Technology is one of the major reason which increased the participation of players in Extreme sports. Action Series or Action or Adventurous movies, or even dangerous stunts in these movies motivates the generation to take part in these sports for fun, money, adventure, popularity, etc. Participants should be well experienced or trained in whatever activity they are taking to an extreme level, and must know what they will do in an emergency.

Extreme Sports includes sports like :-
  • Extreme sports Sky Diving:-Sports in which player jump from Aeroplane, and performs various stunts in sky before pulling the ripcord of a paracute,
  • Extreme sports Adventure Racing- Adventure Racing is one of the lengthy sports which is a sport race lasting from sevaral hours to days.
  • Extreme sports Snow Boarding:- Winter Sports in which sliding down a snow cover slope while standing on a snowboard


  • Extreme sports Surfing:- Sports in which a player uses specially designed board to ride waves
  • Extreme sports Motor Sports:- This sports includes lots of racing like, car racing, bike racing, motor boat racing, etc.
  • Extreme sports Mountain Biking:- As the name suggests, it refers to biking, or cycling in mountains
  • Extreme sports Paragliding:- It’s a Recreation Sport, basically includes hand gliding or parachuting, it is a free flying sport
  • Extreme sports Base Jumping:- It is also a parachute using sport, in this players jump from parachute to a fixed point
  • Extreme sports Skate Boarding:- Sports including a skate with four wheels, ridden in a standing or crouching position to perform stunts.

Apart from above there are few more Extreme sports like Caving Extreme sports, Mountaineering, Hang Gliding, Skiing, Bungee Jumping, Ultralighting Triking, etc.

These sports are very dangerous sports, and players to take proper safety precautions for participating in this sports. Mistakes in these sports are very costly and hence can result in serious injury or death of the competitor. Sports like this needs a proper training from professionals, to avoid mistakes and reduce risk. Training makes player perfect. Over Confidence among the players also results in injuries as, it is commonly find that the larger percentage of injuries and deaths are amongst the experienced participants rather than the beginners.

Media plays very vital role in promoting these extreme sports, there are lots and lots of sports channels or adventurous channels, or even movie channels who shows these sports like AXN, SONY, STAR SPORTS, ESPN, TEN SPORTS, etc. Even by promoting these reality sports, they are earning good revenue by the advertisers. And it also motivates the young generation, to take part in Extreme Sports. Contestants of these sports are well trained and paid good amount for participation, as it includes risk and dangerous stunts.

After discussing about the Extreme Sports, we come to the conclusion that it’s not bad to participate in these sports; even it’s a adventurous one. But you should be fully trained and have to take proper safety steps to become a player of Extreme Sports. As it’s a dangerous and risky sport, don’t try experiments here.