Equestrian Sports


Equestrian sports involve horse riding and training the horse to do expected feats, but with it own forms and applicable rules. This is a very popular sport and has evolved over centuries as horses have always been used for traveling, in the military and for pleasure riding.

The rider will train the horse, according to what they want their horse to perform. There are many Equestrian Sport schools, where riders can learn how to train horses for sports.

About the Sport

This sport is different from other sports in the sense that man and animal, work together to perform feats requiring speed, daring and agility and can be considered as a unique form of team sport. It is also a sport where men and women can compete against in each other on an equal footage.

A look at the various Equestrian sports competitions

Looking at how Equestrian sports are deals with at the level of the Olympic Games, the following competitions are held:

Dressage - This event is often termed as horses doing ballet. In this event, the rider performs some signals and gives some aid to their trained horses, by which the horse should respond to the rider's gestures. Usually conducted over three rounds, in the first two rounds, the rider and horse will perform a series of dressage movements, which includes pirouettes and piaffes in a walk, trot and canter. In the third round the horse will perform choreographed to music. The winner is the horse with the most points.

Show Jumping - The horse has to show ability to jump over a series of obstacles in its path without refusing to jump across any obstacle or knocking it own.

Even ting - This is a combination of the features of Dressage and Show Jumping. So, horses are expected to perform as per their rider instructions as well as pass over a series of obstacles as part of the competition.

These different competitions are held with the aim of bringing out the level of harmony between the rider and his or her horse. It will bring out how well the horse was trained as the horse has to perform from memory in the tests laid out before it. A well-trained horse will perform as expected in the event.

Equestrian sports can be both competitive as well as for pleasure. The International Federation for Equestrian Sports FEI is the official body governing this sport.