East Asian Games 2013

Abbreviation EA Games
First event 9–18 May 1993 Shanghai, China
Occur every 4 years
Last event 5–13 December 2009 Hong Kong
Host city Tianjin
Teams participating 10
Opening ceremony October 6
Closing ceremony October 15
Main venue Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium

East Asian Games is a multi sports event started in 1993 by East Asian Games Association (EAGA). Athletes coming from the East region of Asia gather as one in this event that happens every four years. The upcoming East Asian Games 2013, or officially called VI East Asian Games will happen in October in Tianjin, China.

VI East Asian Games will have its opening ceremonies on the 6th of October and will close on the 15th. The host is expecting almost 7,000 athletes, trainers, coaches, referees, journalists, sports personalities, and government officials to attend the sports event. Athletes from participating nations of China, Korea, DPR Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, Taipei, and Guam will participate in almost 290 events and 24 sports that include aquatics, athletics, wushu, and ball games. The mascots of East Asian Games 2013 are Jinjin, the Angel of Friendship and Dongdong, the Angel of Harmony.

Just few months away from the multi-sports event, EAGA is exerting all efforts on the preparation of the VI East Asian Games. The tourism department is also all geared up for the event since this is the most opportune time to expose the beauty and wonders of Tianjin.

East Asian Games 2013 Medals

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 China 134 79 51 264
2 Japan 47 57 75 179
3 South Korea 36 51 74 161
4 Chinese Taipei 17 28 46 91
5 Hong Kong 10 16 30 56
6 North Korea 8 12 22 42
7 Macau 3 5 19 27
8 Mongolia 0 4 18 22
9 Guam 0 1 0 1
Total 255 253 335 843

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