Cycling Sports

If we are discussing about cycling, then first thing I want to tell you is that cycling just not a sport, cycling is form of recreation, or a transport. But here we are discussing cycling as a sport.

On the other words, Cycling is defined as a term of sport or transport or even a source of recreation. In sports, cycling is used as a fast racing sports or even a slow cycling sport, depends on the organizer which competition he organized. These sports are organized on different places like road cycling race, mountain cycling, water cycling, track cycling, BMX racing, bike trials, etc.

Cycling is mostly used by all generations for recreation purpose or for fun or for spends time and most importantly for health prospect, specially weight loss, that why it is mostly used in all luxurious gyms for fitness purpose. Mountain biking is the latest version of cycling sports, which is discovered as the best source of recreation as well for racing.

In sports, Cycling refers to the competition between two or more players who race on cycles and the player who reaches the destination first is the winner of the game. Sports channels like ESPN, Star Sports, Ten Sports, etc plays very important roles in promoting cycling sports all over the world, it attracts the spectators a lot and force them to make cycling as their profession. There are lots and lots of organizations and associations that promote cycling by organizing coaching camps, training centers, arrange tournaments, etc. Slow cycling is also one type of cycling, which does not matters speed for the winner, it just needs your balance on cycling, without using the paddles.

Even cycling is a very important part of Olympics too. Cycling sport has been contested at each and every Olympic sport since 1896 Olympic sports. Cycling Polo is also one of the major Olympic Cycle games, which is used generally. Cycling is a term that includes recreation activity and health benefits too. People mostly use cycling not as a profession, use this to maintain their fitness. This is the best source to reduce weight; hence gym faculty uses the cycling machines too. Cycling is also source which helps in recovering from injury like knee injury, foot injury, etc. This activity also helps in making muscles of the body. Even cycling camps are also organized every year by all the government, where even the celebrities take part and promote this activity.

Cycling is also an important sport in India. There are lots and lots of sports organizations that promotes cycling here and motivates the young generation, to be a part of this sport. Shri Janki Das is the founder of Cycling sports in India in early 1930’s, as he was a cycling sportsman in British Empire games in 1938. He also formed an organization named as National Cyclist Federation of India in 1946. Apart from this, when the 1st Asian games organized in 1951 in Delhi, and cycling is one of the major sports there. And there are many Indian cyclists who won the medal in 1st Asian Games. Though, we take part in 1952 Olympic games after the excellence performance in Asian games, but unluckily not be able to won any medal in Olympics.

In the conclusion, we had discussed the cycling as a sport above. But, it’s a major part of recreation too. Even you people too can enjoy cycling or mountain biking in Himalayas, as it is one of the best recreation sports one can enjoy. Even the foreigners can also enjoy these cycling for seeing the culture of our country at Himalayas.