2014 Commonwealth Games Queens Baton Relay

The tradition of the Queen’s Baton Relay is one of the most loved and favourite things from the Commonwealth Games. With the Queens Baton Relay being a symbol of bringing together nations, countries, and breaking barriers and expanding territories, the main goal of the event is to bring together all the nations in a sports and cultural event.

Like always the Queen Baton Relay has always been the start to all the Commonwealth Games, and so will be the case for the 20th Commonwealth Games. It has been scheduled in such a way that over 288 days the baton would have visited over 70 nations and crossed over majority of the territories. Covering a distance of 190,000 kilometres and involving more than the third of the entire world’s population, the Queen’s Baton can be considered as one of the biggest relays to have ever taken place.

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The Queens Baton Relay was first done at Buckingham Palace. It was there at the ceremony where Her Majesty – The Queen has placed a message from Her to the Commonwealth Games. This message was then sent to the Games in the Baton and was passed through a messenger. It was through this form of conveying a message that the tradition had started and carried on form there onwards.

Thousands of people will be part of carrying the Baton and relaying it around nations to get it to its final destination. With each individual honoured to hold the Baton, and represent his/her country while doing so, is consider to be one of the most privileged acts possible. It is a magical memory, carrying the Baton around is a journey that will cross time zone, boundaries and unite people beyond the ordinary.

The Baton will be showcasing each nation - from the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Rwanda and from the Pacific Islands to the Mountains of Canada, all of it will be art of the Baton.

The final destination of the Baton will be at the host nation Scotland at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. It is here that the message will arrive right on time at the opening ceremony, where the Queen will receive the Baton and read aloud Her message, declaring the Commonwealth Games open.