Commonwealth Games 2014 Opening Ceremony

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The 20th Commonwealth Games 2014 will begin on 8 p.m. BST, 3 p.m. ET July 23rd. With the opening ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 officially going to be launched in the Scotland, the event is said to be one of the most largest and biggest event to ever take place in the country – may it be sport or culture related.

At the centre of it all, where the ceremony would kick start would be one a view that will include 3000+ people. A view containing so many performers who would be contributing to the largest and biggest event till date. With performance including so many people, it goes without saying that the performances will be power packed and entertaining as well.

With a huge place such as Glasgow being picked for the event, the speculated number of people who are expected to attend the event are over 40,000 to say the least. With 71+ countries taking part in the Commonwealth games a total number of 4,500 athletes will be present in the Scotland to compete in against each other. The opening ceremony will also see the likes of these athletes being part of the opening ceremony.

One of the biggest moments in the opening ceremony will be when – “Her Majesty” – the Queen will read the final message which would be taken out of the Baton after traveling across the Commonwealth arena and finally reaching her. It is the Queen who will finally declare the Commonwealth Games 2014 finally open. It is with this gesture that Scotland will show its passion and enthusiasm towards the Commonwealth games and its interest in being the host to such an event.

With a global view of over 1 trillion people gaining access to the Commonwealth games, the opening ceremony will be telecasted at almost every nation and country as the participation has come in acceptance from each country as well.

Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony 2014

CWG Opening Ceremony 2014 will heald on 23 July 2014 at Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom


Venue: Celtic Park 

Commonwealth Games 2014 Opening Ceremony