Commonwealth Games 2014 Closing Ceremony

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The upcoming Commonwealth games 2014 can be seen as the largest event of the year, and definitely the biggest event to have ever taken place in Scotland. The Closing ceremony is scheduled to take place on the 3rd of August 2014. The theme that is being followed by the organisers which will be portrayed in the event through dances and various forms of entertainment is – “Friendship”.

Being hosted by Glasgow Green and the Kelvingrove Bandstand, the celebrations and closing ceremonial events can be viewed by everyone and anyone all across the globe without any hindrance, whatsoever.

The closing ceremony is said to contain a lot of entertainment and excitement, as it marks the end of one of the biggest events to take place this year. With an expected number of participants rising over 3000+, the event is said to have one of the largest contributions over the year by the people and children in general.

The Celtic Park, along with many other famous places across the globe are going to play the entire ceremony on the big screen for people to view. Hence the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2014 will be telecasted all over the globe for an audience as big as 1 billion and definitely more. With a global platform as this and a huge audience spread out across the world, Scotland has managed to chose the right theme, which is apt. The theme friendship grasps a meaningful message and gives out a huge sign to all countries about unity, friendship and love.

As the opening ceremony will be taken up by the Scots singer Lulu, the closing ceremony will be led by the Treacherous Orchestra. It is within the Closing ceremony of the 2014 games that the highlights will be played back for all to view, enjoy and share.

Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony 2014

CWG 2014 Closing Ceremony will heald on 3 August 2014 at Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom



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