Combat Sports

Combat sport is primarily a competitive contact sport where fighters contest against each other under certain rules. A Bracciuta, Aba Guresi, Ado Murai, Akroteri Punching, Boxing, Fencing, Karate, Kickboxing, Mizo Inchai, Muskox Wrestling, Naga Wrestling, Wing Chun, Wrestling are some of the most popular combat sports as of today. As far as the techniques are concerned, combat sports can be categorized as following.

  • Striking
  • Grappling
  • Weapon usage


There were three kinds of combat sports in the ancient Greek Olympics. Combat sports are wrestling, boxing and the pankration. To go down memory lane, wrestling was introduced in 708 BC during the eighteenth Olympiad. It was in the same year that pentathlon too was introduced. Boxing came after twenty years when the twenty-third Olympiad was underway. Boxing was followed by pankration which was introduced in 648 BC during the thirty-third Olympiad.

Martial Arts

One of the best ways to stay healthy throughout life is through martial arts. Martial arts not only improve ones capacity, but also helps immensely to improve combat skills and fitness. Martial art also helps in bringing about mental discipline and boosting one's self confidence. As far as the name is concerned, martial arts possibly came from the Roman God of war, Mars.

Combat Sports Center

Combat Sports Center is considered to be the most dynamic martial arts school in Virginia. At the center, comprehensive training is given for the five top rated programs. It is so helpful that combat sports Center has a programme to fit anyone at any level.

Combat Gear

Combat gear is a specially designed accessory that helps to protect a player in a competition. Combat suit is very important as it completely encloses a user's body. Combat suit also has a non-flexible and preferably lightweight outer armor which is worn inside to absorb shock during use. A helmet is used to protect the head. It is made in such a way that the shock caused by a blow is transferred throughout the headgear and thereby eliminating head injury. Lower arm components protect arms and portions which can be gripped during a competition. Combat gear also helps in protecting a fighter's arms, legs and feet. There are also special kinds of shoes which is immensely beneficial to save one's feet in case of a fall.


There are various kinds of combat bats which are used for playing baseball or softball. Combat bats may be light-weight or heavy-weight depending on a players category. Generally, heavy combat bats are used for fastpitch matches while soft combat bats are common during slowpitch matches.


Combat Sports Camp is the name of a film which was filmed during a seminar and training camp at NY San Da Gym. The film is special as it introduces you to both San Da kickboxing and clinching skills. Over 16 national champions 2 world champions has been trained by Sifu David A Ross.