Coaching Jobs

For all kinds of sports, an individual is required who is given the job of instructing all the on-field operations of the sports team. A coach applies different tactics and strategies relevant to the corresponding sport while the sport is being played and makes the necessary changes or substitutions of the players. Usually the coaches are former players of the sport themselves and some who haven't participated have detailed training in the particular sport

The Role of a Coach

In bigger events or operations, a coach is assisted by one or a number of assistants who are known as the coaching staff. An athletic team's success is usually depended on the leadership of the coach. In the United States, a coach's efforts are awarded by the "Coach of the Year" award which is presented by all the major sports in the U.S.

Responsibilities of a Coach

In professional sports, the head coach also acts as the general manager and the executive of the team giving them the authority to handle and negotiate the contract of the players. Many coaches at the school and college levels teach the players with rules, skills and different tactics that are involved with the sport in question. Usually these teams specialised coaches, for example offence or defence who trains the entire team. For these types of coaching systems, there is ahead coach under whom all the specialised coaches carry out their operations.

Baseball Coaching

In baseball, many coaches contribute to the even function of a team. The head coach has a number of assistant coaches who finalise the line-up and makes the substitutions during the game. Other than a manager, several coaches can help the manager in driving the team. In baseball, the coaches wear numbered jerseys just like the players.

When the team is at bat, it is operated by two on-field coaches. They are positioned near the first and the third base to point and dictate the batters and the runners. These two on-field coaches are called the first base and the third base coaches respectively and they are stationed in special coach's boxes. There is also a third base coach who signals the base runner to score or hold on a batted ball.

Basketball Coaching

In basketball coaching, a coach emphasises in directing or applying different strategies on the behaviour of the entire team or a particular basketball player. A coach is basketball is responsible for the improvement of the team and the player's offence and defence as well as the fitness of the players.