Chile Win Since 1962

Chile secured their place at the top of Group H with a struggle win 1-0 over Switzerland. It was Jean Beausejour who secured Chile's first World Cup win since 1962. Coach Marcelo Bielsa was pleased with Beausejour and his aggressive approach by getting the only goal in after 34 minutes.

The Flair

Chile’s flair in the game, their fast pace and their attacking play was too much for Honduras to cope up with throughout the 90 minutes game.

The only blow about that opening goal is that it took almost about 34 minutes to hit the scoreboard. Honduras goalkeeper Noel Valladares played a great game and because of his hard work and good saves, the opponent scorecard kept a low profile.

The Threat

Alexis Sanchez had always been a constant threat; Chile should have won easily if not for a number of chances wasted, mainly during the second half.

Chile managed to maintain the pressure until the final whistle was blown. However they were still unable to get the most deserved second goal in.

Jean Beausejour has the needed strength and power in plenty. He is a real champion in the Chilean pack. Born of Mapuche and Haitian parents, he can fit in the midfield or on the left side and can get into goal scoring positions in either of the two positions.

He was the target just once in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. That goal helped him to earn the support of his demanding Chilean fans. In the end, he stated that he could not always play at the tempo that people wanted him to play. Maybe he was just trying to lighten off the load of expectations off his back.
Posters and billboards had Red-hot Chile Pepper writings held by the crowd, which included the locals and the ample Chileans.