Canada at Commonwealth Games 2014

Dates: 23 July 2014 to 3 August 2014 at Glasgow, Scotland

Venue Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal Total
Glasgow 32 16 34 82

2014 Commonwealth Games Medal Winners

Event Name Medal Date
Triathlon Women Individual Kirsten Sweetland Silver 24th July
Mens 400m Freestyle Swimming Ryan Cochrane Gold 24th July
Womens 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay Swimming Team Bronze 24th July
Rhythmic Gymnastics Team All-around Team Gold 24th July
10m Air Pistol Women Dorothy Ludwig Bronze 25th July
Rhythmic Gymnastics Individual All-aroun Patricia BEZZOUBENKO Gold 25th July
Judo Women Middleweight 70 kg Alix Renaud-Roy Bronze 25th July
Judo Men Half-middleweight 81 kg Jonah Burt Bronze 25th July
100 m Butterfly Women Swimming Katerine Savard Gold 25th July
Rhythmic Gymnastics Hoop Patricia BEZZOUBENKO Gold 26th July
Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball Patricia BEZZOUBENKO Gold 26th July
Rhythmic Gymnastics Rope Patricia BEZZOUBENKO Gold 26th July
Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon Patricia BEZZOUBENKO Bronze 26th July
Queen Prize Pairs Shooting Wynn Payne and Des Vamplew Silver 26th July
4×200 m Freestyle Relay Women Swimming Team Silver 26th July
Judo Women Half-heavyweight 78 kg Ana Laura Portuondo Bronze 26th July
Mens Scratch Race Remi Pelletier Bronze 27th July
200 m Backstroke Women Swimming Hilary Caldwell Bronze 27th July
Womens Weightlifting 69 kg Marie-Josee Ares-Pilon Bronze 28th July
Mens Weightlifting 85 kg Pascal Plamondon Bronze 28th July
800 m Freestyle Women Swimming Brittany Maclean Bronze 28th July
200 m Butterfly Women Swimming Audrey Lacroix Gold 28th July
Women Hammer Throw Sultana Frizell Gold 28th July
Men Shot Put Tim Nedow Bronze 28th July
Womens Cross Country Mountain biking Catharine Pendrel Gold 29th July
Womens Cross Country Mountain biking Emily Batty Silver 29th July
Men Hammer Throw Jim Steacy Gold 29th July
Men Decathlon Damian Warner Gold 29th July
Women 1500 Metres Kate van Buskirk Bronze 29th July
Queen Prize Individual Shooting Jim Paton Silver 29th July
50 m Backstroke Women Swimming Brooklyn Snodgrass Bronze 29th July
200 m Individual Medley SM10 Women Swimm Aurelie Rivard Bronze 29th July
4×100 m Medley Relay Women Swimming Team Bronze 29th July
1500 m Freestyle Men swimming Ryan Cochrane Gold 29th July
Womens Weightlifting 75 kg Marie-Eve Beauchemin-Nadeau Gold 29th July
Wrestling Women 48 kg Freestyle Jasmine Mian Bronze 29th July
Wrestling Men 125 kg Freestyle Korey Jarvis Gold 29th July
Wrestling Women 75 kg Freestyle Erica Wiebe Gold 29th July
Women Synchronised 10 m Platform   Gold 30th July
Men High Jump Derek Drouin Gold 30th July
Men High Jump Michael Mason Bronze 30th July
Women Heptathlon Brianne Theisen-Eaton Gold 30th July
Women Heptathlon Jessica Zelinka Silver 30th July
Women Shot Put Julie Labonte Bronze 30th July
Women Synchronised 3 m Springboard Team Silver 30th July
Artistic Gymnastics Men Team All-around Team Bronze 30th July
Wrestling Women 53 kg Freestyle Jill Gallays Bronze 30th July
Wrestling Women 58 kg Freestyle Braxton Stone-Papadopoulos Bronze 30th July
Wrestling Women 69 kg Freestyle Dorothy Yeats Gold 30th July
Wrestling Men 97 kg Freestyle Arjun Gill Gold 30th July
Wrestling Men 61 kg Freestyle David Tremblay Gold 30th July
Women 10 m Platform Meaghan Benfeito Gold 31st July
Women 10 m Platform Roseline Filion Bronze 31st July
Mens Weightlifting +105 kg George Kobaladze Gold 31st July
Artistic Gymnastics Men Artistic Gymnast Scott Morgan Silver 31st July
Artistic Gymnastics Women Vault Elsabeth Black Silver 31st July
Artistic Gymnastics Men Rings Scott Morgan Gold 31st July
Artistic Gymnastics Men Rings Kevin Lytwyn Silver 31st July
Women Long Jump Christabel Nettey Bronze 31st July
Women Para 100 Metres Diane Roy Silver 31st July
Men Para 1500 Metres Alex Dupont Bronze 31st July
Wrestling Women 55 kg Freestyle Brittanee Laverdure Silver 31st July
Wrestling Men 65 kg Freestyle Jevon Balfour Silver 31st July
Wrestling Women 63 kg Freestyle Danielle Lappage Gold 31st July
Wrestling Men 86 kg Freestyle Tamerlan Tagziev Gold 31st July
Artistic Gymnastics Men Vault Scott MORGAN Gold 1st August
Artistic Gymnastics Women Balance Beam Elsabeth Black Gold 1st August
Boxing Women Flyweight Mandy Bujold Bronze 1st August
Women 1 m Springboard Jennifer Abel Gold 1st August
Men Singles Ryan Bester Silver 1st August
Artistic Gymnastics Women Floor Elsabeth Black Bronze 1st August
Artistic Gymnastics Men Horizontal Bar Kevin Lytwyn Bronze 1st August
Women 100 Metres Hurdles Angela White Bronze 1st August
Men Pole Vault Shawnacy Barber Bronze 1st August
Men 10,000 Metres Cameron Levins Bronze 1st August
Womens Doubles Table Tennis Anqi Luo and Mo Zhang Bronze 2nd August
Boxing Women Middleweight Ariane Fortin Silver 2nd August
Boxing Men Heavyweight Samir El Mais Gold 2nd August
Women 3 m Springboard Jennifer Abel Silver 2nd August
Men 10 m Platform Vincent Riendeau Bronze 2nd August
Women Pole Vault Alysha Newman Bronze 2nd August
Women Singles Badminton Michelle Li Gold 3rd August

Canada at the 2010 Commonwealth Games

Location Delhi, India
Competitors 251 in 15 sports
Flag bearer Opening: Ken Pereira
Medals Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal Total
Canada 26 17 33 76


Medals by sport
Sport 1 2 3 Total
Aquatics 12 3 5 20
Athletics 7 2 8 17
Wrestling 4 5 5 14
Gymnastics 0 2 6 8
Weightlifting 2 1 2 5
Cycling 1 0 4 5
Archery 0 3 1 4
Shooting 0 1 2 3
Badminton 0 0 0 0
Boxing 0 0 0 0
Hockey 0 0 0 0
Lawn bowls 0 0 0 0
Netball 0 0 0 0
Rugby sevens 0 0 0 0
Squash 0 0 0 0
Table tennis 0 0 0 0
Tennis 0 0 0 0
Total 26 17 33 76


Medal Name Sport Event Date
 Gold Ryan Cochrane Aquatics Men's 400 m freestyle October 4
 Gold Marilou Dozois-Prevost Weightlifting Women's 53 kg October 5
 Gold Marie-Pier Boudreau Gagnon Aquatics Women's solo October 7
 Gold Marie-Pier Boudreau Gagnon and Chloe Isaac Aquatics Women's duet October 7
 Gold Brent Hayden Aquatics Men's 100 m freestyle October 7
 Gold Sultana Frizell Athletics Women's hammer throw October 7
 Gold Kyle Pettey Athletics Men's shot put F32/34/52 October 7
 Gold Dylan Armstrong Athletics Men's shot put October 7
 Gold Carol Huynh Wrestling Women's 48 kg October 7
 Gold Justine Bouchard Wrestling Women's 63 kg October 7
 Gold Ohenewa Akuffo Wrestling Women's 72 kg October 7
 Gold Christine Girard Weightlifting Women's 69 kg October 8
 Gold Diane Roy Athletics Women's 1500m T54 October 8
 Gold Jamie Adjetey-Nelson Athletics Men's decathlon October 8
 Gold Brent Hayden Aquatics Men's 50 m freestyle October 9
 Gold Ryan Cochrane Aquatics Men's 1500 m freestyle October 9
 Gold Benoit Huot Aquatics Men's 100m Freestyle S10 October 9
 Gold Alice Falaiye Athletics Women's long jump October 10
 Gold Nicole Forrester Athletics Women's high jump October 10
 Gold Alex Despatie Aquatics Men's 1 m springboard October 10
 Gold Jennifer Abel and Emilie Heymans Aquatics Women's synchronised 3 m springboard October 10
 Gold Arjan Bhullar Wrestling Men's freestyle 120 kg October 10
 Gold Alex Despatie Aquatics Men's 3 m springboard October 11
 Gold Jennifer Abel Aquatics Women's 1 m springboard October 12
 Gold Alex Despatie and Reuben Ross Aquatics Men's synchronised 3 m springboard October 12
 Gold Tara Whitten Cycling Women's road time trials October 13


Men on Road

Athlete Event Time Rank
Zach Bell Road race 3:52:42 11
Time trial 50:35.42 7
Amaud Papillon Road race 3:54:36 22
Dominique Rollin Road race 3:50:10 6
Ryan Roth Road race 3:55:05 25
Time trial 52:09.53 10
Will Routley Road race 3:54:11 19


Athlete Event Time Rank
Julie Beveridge Road race 2:50:32 36
Time trial 41:30.88 13
Leah Kirchmann Road race 2:49:38 22
Joelle Numainville Road race 2:49:30 6
Tara Whitten Road race 2:49:30 7
Time trial 38:59.30 1
Erinne Willock Road race 2:49:30 13
Time trial 41:16.46 11



  • Zach Bell - Men's Points, Scratch
  • Travis Smith - 1 km Time Trial, Sprint, Keirin


  • Tara Whitten - Women's Individual Pursuit, Points, Scratch, Team Sprint
  • Monique Sullivan - 500m/1 km Time Trial, Sprint, Team Sprint


Artistic Men

  • Tariq Dowers
  • Ian Galvan
  • Anderson Loran
  • Robert Watson
  • Jason Scott


  • Gabrielle May
  • Catherine Dion
  • Kristin Klarenbach
  • Cynthia Lemieux-Guillemette
  • Emma Willis


  • Mariam Chamilova
  • Demetra Mantcheva
  • Nerissa Mo

Canada at the 2006 Commonwealth Games

Location Melbourne, Australia
Competitors 251 in 15 sports
Flag bearer Opening: 
Medals Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal Total
Canada 26 29 31 86




  • Mark Boswell, Men's High Jump
  • Chantal Petitclerc, Women's 800 m EAD T54


  • Marie-Helène Premont, Women's Cross Country


  • Alexandre Despatie, Men's 1 m Springboard
  • Alexandre Despatie, Men's 3 m Springboard
  • Blythe Hartley, Women's 1 m Springboard
  • Blythe Hartley, Women's 3 m Springboard
  • Men's Synchronised 3 m Springboard


  • Grant Golding, Men's Parallel Bars
  • Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs, Women's Uneven Bars
  • Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs, Women's Beam
  • Alexandra Orlando, Women's Rhythmic All-Around
  • Alexandra Orlando, Women's Rhythmic Ball
  • Alexandra Orlando, Women's Rhythmic Clubs
  • Alexandra Orlando, Women's Rhythmic Ribbon
  • Alexandra Orlando, Women's Rhythmic Rope
  • Kyle Shewfelt, Men's Vault
  • Adam Wong, Men's Floor
  • Men's Artistic Team
  • Women's Rhythmic Team


  • Mike Brown, Men's 200 m Breaststroke

Synchronised Swimming:

  • Marie-Pier Boudreau Gagnon , Women's Synchronised Swimming Solo
  • Women's Synchronised Swimming Duet


  • Jeane Elizabeth Lassen, Women's 69 kg
  • Akos Sandor, Men's 105 kg
  • Maryse Turcotte, Women's 53 kg
  • Amandeep Sidhu, Men's 125 kg



  • Nathan Brannen, Men's 1500 m
  • Jennifer Joyce, Women's Hammer
  • Jacques Martin, Men's Seated Discus EAD
  • James Steacy, Men's Hammer
  • Achraf Tadili, Men's 800 m
  • Jason Tunks, Men's Discus
  • Angela Whyte, Women's 100 m Hurdles


  • Adonis Stevenson, Middleweight 75 kg


  • Travis Smith, Men's Keirin


  • Women's Synchronised 3 m Springboard


  • Nathan Garfuik, Men's All-Around
  • Nathan Garfuik, Men's Vault
  • Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs, Women's All-Around
  • Yana Tsikaridze, Women's Artistic Ribbon


  • Kim Eagles, Women's 25 m Pistol
  • Men's Trap Pairs
  • Women's 10 m Air Rifle Pairs
  • Women's Double Trap Pairs


  • Brent Hayden, Men's 50 m Freestyle
  • Valerie Grandmaison, Women's 100 m EAD Freestyle
  • Benoit Huot, Men's 50 m EAD Freestyle
  • Benoit Huot, Men's 100 m EAD Freestyle
  • Andrew Hurd, Men's 400 m Freestyle
  • Andrew Hurd, Men's 1500 m Freestyle
  • Anne Polinario, Women's 50 m EAD Freestyle


  • Christine Girard, Women's 63 kg
  • Marilou Dozois-Prevost, Women's 48 kg
  • Emily Beth Quarton, Women's 58 kg



  • Stephanie McCann, Women's Pole Vault
  • Diane Roy, Women's 800 m EAD T54
  • Dariusz Slowick, Men's Discu
  • Men's 4x100 m Relay


  • Kiara Bisaro, Women's Cross Country
  • Seamus McGrath, Men's Cross Country
  • Travis Smith, Men's Sprint


  • Alexandre Despatie, Men's 10 m Platform
  • emilie Heymans, Women's 10 m Platform
  • Women's Synchronised 10 m Platform


  • Grant Golding, Men's Pommel Horse
  • Kyle Shewfelt, Men's Floor
  • Yana Tsikaridze, Women's Artistic All-Around
  • Yana Tsikaridze, Women's Artistic Rope
  • Women's Artistic Team

Lawn Bowls:

  • Ryan Bester


  • Kim Eagles, Women's 10 m Air Pistol
  • Cynthia Meyers, Women's Double Trap
  • Clayton Miller, Men's Skeet
  • Susan Marie Nattrass, Women's Trap
  • Men's 25 m Rapid Fire Pistol Pairs
  • Women's 25 m Pistol Pairs


  • Brent Hayden, Men's 200 m Freestyle
  • Brian Johns, Men's 200 m Individual Medley
  • Audrey Lacroix, Women's 100 m Butterfly
  • Anne Polinario, Women's 100 m EAD Freestyle
  • Brittany Reimer, Women's 800 m Freestyle
  • Men's 4x100 m Freestyle Relay
  • Women's 4x100 m Freestyle Relay
  • Women's 4x100 m Medley Relay


  • Miel McGerrigle, Women's 63 kg

Canada at the 2002 Commonwealth Games

Location Manchester, England
Flag bearer Opening: 
Medals Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal Total
Canada 31 41 44 116

Medal results by events

Medal Name Sport Event
 Gold Alexandre Despatie Diving 1 m Springboard
 Gold Alexandre Despatie Diving 3 m Springboard
 Gold Claire Carver-Dias Synchronized swimming Solo
 Gold Claire Carver-Dias & Fanny Letourneau Synchronized swimming Duet
 Gold Mark Boswell Field & Combined High Jump
 Gold Chantal Petitclerc Disability events Women's 800 m wheelchair
 Gold Jean Pascal Boxing Light Middleweight 71 kg
 Gold Jason Douglas Boxing Heavyweight
 Gold Roland Green Mountain biking Men's Cross country
 Gold Chrissy Redden Mountain biking Women's Cross country
 Gold Clara Hughes Road bicycle racing Women's Individual time trial
 Gold Kate Richardson Gymnastics Women's Balance Beam
 Gold Kate Richardson Gymnastics Women's All Round Individual
 Gold Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics Men's Floor Exercise
 Gold Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics Men's Vault
 Gold Carolyne Lepage Judo Women's u/48 kg
 Gold Nicolas Gill Judo Men's u/100 kg
 Gold Metodi Igorov Shooting Men's 25 m Rapid Fire Pistol Individual
 Gold Clayton Miller Shooting Men's Skeet Individual
 Gold Kim Eagles & Dorothy Hare Shooting Women's Air Pistol Pairs
 Gold Cynthia Meyer Shooting Women's Olympic Trap Individual
 Gold Jonathon Power Squash Men's Singles
 Gold Simon Whitfield Triathlon 1500 m swimming, 40 km road cycling, and 10 km running
 Gold Carol Montgomery Triathlon 1500 m swimming, 40 km road cycling, and 10 km running
 Gold Maryse Turcotte Weightlifting 58 kg clean and jerk
 Gold Maryse Turcotte Weightlifting 58 kg total
 Gold Pascale Dorcelus Weightlifting 63 kg snatch
 Gold Daniel Igali Wrestling 74 kg
 Gold Guivi Sissaouri Wrestling 60 kg
 Gold Dean Schmeichel Wrestling 96 kg
 Gold Nicholas Ugoalah Wrestling 84 kg