CAF Champions League 2016

The CAF Champions League is an annual international club football competition, which is organized by the Confederation of African Football. Africa's football leagues are invited to participate in this tournament, which is the premier club football competition on the continent. This CAF Champions League is same as to the UEFA Champions League. The CAF Champions League was founded in 1964 and the most successful club is Al-Ahly FC, which has been won the title for 8 times.

By the reason of sponsorship, the official name of this tournament is Orange CAF Champions League. The winner of the CAF Champions League gets a berth in the FIFA Club World Cup and also eligible to participate in the CAF Super Cup against the winner of the CAF Confederation Cup.

Some changes may occur in this competition until 1997. In this year, CAF took the bold step to follow the lead recognized UEFA by creating a league stage in the tournament and changing the name to the CAF Champions League. For the first time, CAF also introduced prize fund for contestants. It offers prize money of US$1 million to the winners and US$750,000 to the losing finalist.  Hence it became the 2nd wealthy club tournament in Africa after the ABSA Premiership.

CAF Champions League 2016

Qualifying Round Group Stage Fixtures Awards Past Winners

2016 Schedule

Phase Round Draw date First leg Second leg
Qualifying Preliminary round 11 December 2015
(Dakar, Senegal)
12–14 February 2016 26–28 February 2016
First round 11–13 March 2016 18–20 March 2016
Second round 8–10 April 2016 19–20 April 2016
Group stage Matchday 1 TBC 17–19 June 2016
Matchday 2 28–29 June 2016
Matchday 3 15–17 July 2016
Matchday 4 26–27 July 2016
Matchday 5 12–14 August 2016
Matchday 6 23–24 August 2016
Knock-out stage Semi-finals 16–18 September 2016 23–25 September 2016
Final 14–16 October 2016 21–23 October 2016

Prize Money

CAF Champions League Prize Money Distribution:

  • First Place: $1 500 000 (about R13 500 000)
  • Runners Up: $1 000 000 (about R9 000 000)
  • Semi-finalists:  $700 000 (about R6 300 000) each
  • Third in the Group:  $500 000 (about R4 500 000) each
  • Fourth in the Group:  $400 000 (about R3 600 000) each


CAF Champions League will be planning for schedule, structure along with venues while organizing matches even though it faces problems. Most of the members of CAF have expressed their views, stating that it would be better if fixtures are scheduled to timelines similar to UEFA Champions league.

In CAF Champions League most of the national associations has stated that it would be good if the competition can be expanded to 16 teams at group level stage. If the opinion from National Leagues is stronger, then the competition will be highly profitable, as well as successful by awarding extra spots to their particular leagues.


In year 1997, CAF Champions Leagues had replaced with previously held competitions that are Pan-African competition and the African Cup of Champions Club which were run from 1964 to 1996. This competition is not only open to the winners of all the CAF affiliated national leagues, but also to the holders of previously held competition seasons. Since 2004, runner-ups of the leagues are also entering into the competition to form a 64-team field. This change has taken place as a response to the merging of CAF Cup and Secondary Pan-African club competition. Here the league runner-ups used previous play, with the CAF Cup Winners only to generate CAF Confederation Cup.

League Format

CAF Champions League format is planned in a way that the league should operate on knockout competition that will consider a final group stage. In the final group stage, if there is any tie in the game including finals then it has to be played over two legs that are home and away. In this league there will be a total of three knockout stages that are:

  • Preliminary Knockout stage
  • First round will have a total of 32 teams.
  • Second round will have only 16 teams.

In the second round, 8 teams will be knocked out then these are considered into Confederation Cup only to play against 8 teams in the final competition of that league. After the completion of second round in this league the final 8 teams will be divided into two groups each consisting of 4 teams. Then the winner and runner-up of these four teams will be sent to play in the semi-final. Once the semi-final is completed they have to contest in the finals.

CAF Champions League 2015

Phase Round Draw date First leg Second leg
Qualifying Preliminary round 22 December 2014 13–15 February 2015 27 February–1 March 2015
First round 13–15 March 2015 3–5 April 2015
Second round 17–19 April 2015 1–3 May 2015
Group stage Matchday 1 5 May 2015 26–28 June 2015
Matchday 2 10–12 July 2015
Matchday 3 24–26 July 2015
Matchday 4 7–9 August 2015
Matchday 5 21–23 August 2015
Matchday 6 11–13 September 2015
Knock-out stage Semi-finals 25–27 September 2015 2–4 October 2015
Final 30 October–1 November 2015 6–8 November 2015
  CAF Champions League CAF Confederation Cup
Winner 5 points 4 points
Runner-up 4 points 3 points
Losing semi-finalists 3 points 2 points
3rd place in groups 2 points 1 point
4th place in groups 1 point 1 point



  • Most successful clubs: Al-Ahly won 8 times in years of 1982, 1987, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2012, 2013 and runner-up in years 1983, 2007.
    Zamalek Sporting Club won for 5 times in years of 1984, 1986, 1993, 1996, 2002 and Cup Runners up in 1994.
  • Most losing appearances in a final: Asante Kotoko Sporting Club – 5 times, in years 1967, 1971, 1973, 1982, 1993 and Esperance de Tunis (4) in years 1999, 2000, 2010, 2012.
  • Most Successive League titles: Enyimba International F.C. (2) in years 2003, 2004.
  • Lowest ranked club to win the League: Club Africain (1) (1991).


  • Number of League winning countries:  12.
  • Nation with most League titles:  Egypt - 14.
  • Nation with most successive League titles:  2 - Nigeria (2003, 2004).
  • Nation with most winning clubs:  Al Ahly (8), Zamalek SC (5).
  • CAF Champions League by City
  • Most successful Cities in League: Cairo (13) by clubs Al-Ahly (8), Zamalek (5) and Casablanca (4) by clubs Raja Casablanca (3), Wydad Casablanca (1).
  • Most losing appearances in a League final:  Kumasi (5) by club Asante Kotoko and Tunis (4) by club Esperance ST.


  • Highest goal aggregate in a two-legged final:  6 - TP Mazembe vs Espérance(2010)
  • Biggest losing margin in a one-legged final:  TP Mazembe 5 – 0 Espérance (2010) and Club Africain 6 – 2 Villa SC (1991)
  • Most goals scored by a club in a game: 6 goals - Club Africain vs Villa SC (1991)
  • Lowest goal aggregate in a two-legged final:  1 – 0 Asante Kotoko SC vs Cameroon Canon Yaounde on the 3rd game