Boxing refers to an activity or a sport, which includes fighting with the opponent. Or in simple words you can also say that Boxing is known as a sport where two participants of similar weights can fight with each other from 01-03 minute rounds, depending on the game condition. As this sport includes the fighting in a specific manner, wearingboxing gloves in hand, and attacks the opponent only with gloves above the waist and front or back of the opponent.

This is basically a single game, means one on one. And includes attack and defense strategy against the opponent. Attacking strategy means play in attacking mode and try to strike more and more punches to your opponent. And defensive strategy means play in defensive mode, like if you are gaining good points and its last round, and then tries to avoid your opponent punches by covering your face with theboxing gloves.

Professional Boxing consist of 4-15 rounds, depends on the organization that organizes the championship. There is also amateur boxing that is of 03 rounds. But nowadays, professional boxing is the most famous and popular one, and having lots of fan all over the world, this comes under one of the large spectator’s action sports. ProfessionalBoxing is the modern concept of Boxing. Rules of this game vary from place to place and Tournament to Tournament. Boxing is one of the oldest sport concepts, but it becomes famous in 18th Century. There are lots and lots of boxing styles, which the participant uses during their fight. This may mainly include:

  • Out Fighter: - Refers to the participant maintain a distance between him and his opponent. He plays the match in attacking mode. He punches his opponent hard, and also fights speedy.
  • Puncher: - Next style is known as Puncher. A boxer who is popular for his powerful punches, they are slow in speed but punches right at his target.
  • In Fighter: - As the name says he is opposite of the out fighter, he always remain close to his opponent and not give him much chance to hit him, they play with proper tactics, and not in any rush.
  • These are just the few boxing styles, apart from this there are lots more styles, which the boxers used against their opponents to win the match. Like styles, there are few known punches too, which the boxers use, like Jab, Hook, Uppercut, cross, etc. There are lots and lots of boxing organizations that promote the boxing and motivate the coming generation to participate in this.

    Some of them are:
  • WORLD BOXING ASSOCIATION (WBA): - This organization is formed as the renovate organization of National Boxing Association (founded in 1921). In 1962, this organization was made for boxing promotion all over the world.

  • WORLD BOXING COUNCIL (WBC): - This is founded in 1963 with combination efforts of 12 nations to promote the boxing all over the world.

  • WORLD BOXING ORGANIZATION (WBO): -This is founded in 1988 after the broke out of WBA, and its aim to recognize the professional boxers and train them to participate in International events.
  • When we are discussing about boxing, then it’s also necessary to say that it is one of the favorite games of India too. There are lots and lots of Indian Boxers who participated in World Class Tournaments and proved their skills and efficiencies. India is a regular medal holder in World-class tournaments like Asian Games and Commonwealth games. There are lots of famous names in IndianBoxing like Aruna, Sarita, Lekha, etc. Even one of the Indian Boxer named M.C.Mary Com has won hatrick for the best boxer title. Hence, I believe that there is very promising future of IndianBoxing.