Bowling Sports

Bowling Sports is categorized as one of the world-class sports. Bowling Sports is the most common sport used in clubs. Everyone play this sport, plays with the purpose of fun enjoyment and entertainment in their free time. We can also say that bowling sport refers to the sport in which a player tries to score the points by throwing a particular bowling ball to knock down the objects known as pins. This is one of the traditional games in world sport. This was a very common game of Indians played since from their ancient time. Even though the origin of this sport is Finland where it is founded in 300 AD. As it is categorized as a small game and hence not a time consuming game, that makes it more popular.

People in their free time play this for the recreation purpose and making their mind free. If we talk about what equipment a participant need to play this game then as per the name first thing strikes in mine isBowling ball, which is made up of rubber, plastic and urethane. It is round in shape. There are basically two types of bowling used like ten pin bowling under which there are three holes in this, which a player uses to fix his thumb, middle finger and ring. Another type is five-pin bowling, and distinct thing here is that it doesn’t have any hole in it.It is a heavyweight ball and a player should better be careful before throwing the ball.

These games are played in both ways whether as a professional sport, or as a time pass and fun enjoying sport. As a recreation sport, there are groups of friends who can play this to enjoy or for fun. There is no monetary concept involved in it. Even a single person too can play this game for entertainment. The second way to play this game is professionally where the player plays this as a competition and has to compete with his opponent, this is basically a money concept game and winner gets the rewards from the organizer.

Nowadays the young generation moved towards this game as a profession because of high earning money and popularity. There are lots of clubs and organization all over the world that organizes bowling camps and teaches the game to youngsters with the help of professional coaches. If we speak about the popularity of this sport in India, then we have to say thatit is very much popular here that’s the reason that in most of the clubs this sports are available, in free time people play this game as a fun source. But the bad thing is that we are not an International participant of this game, as people here play this game as a fun source and not made this sport as their profession.

Even there is no promoting association of bowling sports available in our country, so you can say that lack of media coverage and lack of professional bowling organization may results in not making India an International bowling playing country. Though in India it’s a best source of time pass and young generation enjoys this small game a lot in sports clubs. But they are not taking any risk to make this as a profession.

These are my views what I think about bowling sport as a fun game and professional game, how much it is popular, how old this game is and what’s the coming future of this game, and hoped you all liked my above topic.