Boomerang Games

Boomerang games are the part of the popular TV channel Cartoon Network that is operational in many countries like the UK, Australia, South Africa etc. and is meant for kids. It has also launched a number of games many of which involve popular cartoon characters like the Flintstones, Scooby Doo, and Tom and Jerry etc.

Boomerang games involve most of the cartoon characters featured on the channel are available. Boomerang games can be played online through internet or can be downloaded onto your computers. Other than these, some other boomerange online games available which are very much liked by kids.

Boomerang games are even available in the form of CDs and DVDs. With the Boomerang kid's games, the kids can have a very enjoyable time indeed.

Boomerang Cartoon Games
  • As mentioned above, a number of booerange games involve cartoon characters are available.
  • These games may involve a number of competitions and allow the kids to win a number of exciting prizes.
  • The Boomerang TV games are usually advertised in the form of commercials on the TV channel.
  • The number and quality of the Boomerang games that are available on the internet is believed to be good and over 800 games are available on its website.
Boomerang Cartoons
  • The Boomerang cartoons involve many of the old and popular cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry, Loony Toons etc.
  • Boomerang games has also launched some of its own cartoon characters like Ed, Edd and Eddy. Also, it has made some remakes of cartoons by other companies involving slightly different characters. For example, the Baby Loony Tunes.
  • Boomerang games has also featured some exclusive cartoons like Hanna Barbara's Cartoon Coral.
  • Such cartoons are very popular among the kids and many of them are known to switch on to the TV channel just to watch their favourite cartoons.
  • The Boomerang TV has also launched some live programmes for the kids.

The Boomerang sampler also is provided by the channel that gives you access to many of the classic cartoons in the form of DVDs.

Thus, the Boomerang TV channel and the Boomerang games have been popular for a very longs time. The TV channel was launched way back in 1963 and is sure to remain popular for the years to comes with the added features of internet gaming that are sure to lure the kids into watching it some more. On the whole, it is a very successful venture.