Belgian Grand Prix 2009

Belgian Grand Prix 2009 Information:
Belgian Grand Prix 2009 Circuit
Belgian Grand Prix 2009 Circuit


Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Race information
Belgian Grand Prix Laps 44
Belgian Grand Prix Circuit length 7.004 km (4.352 mi)
Belgian Grand Prix Race length 308.052 km (191.410 mi)
Belgian Grand Prix Number of times held 64
Belgian Grand Prix First held 1925
Belgian Grand Prix Last held 2008
Belgian Grand Prix Most wins (drivers) Michael Schumacher (6)
Belgian Grand Prix Most wins (constructors) Ferrari (15)
Belgian Grand Prix Last race (2008):
Belgian Grand Prix Pole position Lewis Hamilton
Belgian Grand Prix Podium 1. Felipe Massa
1h 22m 59.394s
(222.715 km/h)
2. Nick Heidfeld
BMW Sauber
3. Lewis Hamilton
Belgian Grand Prix Fastest lap Kimi Räikkönen
History of Belgian Grand Prix:

Belgium's Spa-Francorchamps circuit is a momentous Formula One Race in the world. The Grand Prix carried out in 1924. The Grand Prix remains one of the large amounts of well-liked sites with drivers and fans similarly.

The Design of the Circuit in Belgian Grand Prix Race:

The Grand Prix Race started on narrow civic roads, the imaginative Spa outline was an astonishing 14.9 kilometres lengthy and disreputably hazardous. The lap span was abridged vaguely above the years, with a few turns no difficulty, other than at what time the previous circuit theatrical its final Grand Prix in 1970 it static calculated just over 14 kilometres and remained spectacularly rapid - Chris Amon set that year's best lap at an common velocity of just below 245 km/h.

Spa did not come back to the calendar until 1983 and then in significantly modified shape, with lap space cut to presently below seven kilometres. By hook or by crook, even if, the circuit's magic was preserved. Approximately the major part of the lap used the original outline and the famous Eau Rouge corner remained unbroken. Merely the new Bus Stop chicane on the run down to La Source illustrated criticism.

Above 20 years on Spa leftovers the longest circuit on the datebook. Its mix of extended straights and problematic fast corners, together with its charming background, means that the majority of drivers still rank it amid their favourite tracks. The climate is at a halt scandalously unreliable (it is able to frequently be concurrently drizzling on one part of the track and dried up on another) and Eau Rouge, with its speedy and unexpected distance from the ground modified, upholds its standing as one of Formula One racing's nearly all technically challenging corners.

The defy Spa that merely the truly enormous drivers can actually assert to have mastered it. Actually presently six men have been successful the race more than two times.

The dimensions of the Belgian Grand Prix Circuit:

There are 44 Laps in the Circuit. The Circuit length is 7.004 km. The distance of the Race is 308.052 km. The Record Time of the Lap is 1:45.108 finished by K. Raikkonen in 2004.

The ING Belgian Grand Prix Formula One Race will be commenced on Sunday, 6th September, 2009.

Spa-Francorchamps Circuit Information (Belgian Grand Prix):
Belgian Grand Prix 2009 Race Date: 30 Aug 2009
Belgian Grand Prix 2009 Number of Laps: 44
Belgian Grand Prix 2009 Circuit Length: 7.004 km
Belgian Grand Prix 2009 Race Distance: 308.052 km
Belgian Grand Prix 2009 Lap Record: 1:45.108 - K Raikkonen (2004)