Beijing Olympics 2008 Water Polo

History of Water Polo

  • Water Polo emerged as a sport in the US and Europe.
  • The European version of the game is the current international standard.
  • The game consists of seven man teams playing for four seven –minute sessions.
  • Mens water polo was introduced in the Olympic program in 1900.
  • Woman’s polo was introduced only in 2000.
  • Hungary has won the maximum medals for the sport in Olympic history.

Venues for Water Polo in Beijing Olympics 2008

  • Beijing 2008 Olympic Games water polo event for men and women will be held at Ying Tung Natatorium.

Water Polo Quota

  • 156 men's players (12 teams of 13 players each)
  • 104 women's players (8 teams of 13 players each)
  • Total of 260 athletes

Playing Field for Water Polo

  • The responsibility for the measurement and markings of the playing area lies with the promoting organization.
  • The organization will also provide all fixtures and equipment.
  • There will be one Referee seated on the opposite side of the judges seated area.
  • The distance between the goal lines shall be not less than 20 meters and not more than 30 meters for games played by men.
  • The distance between the goal lines shall be not less than 20 meters and not more than 25 meters for games played by women.
  • The width of the field of play shall be not less than 10 meters and not more than 20 meters.
  • The boundary of the field of play at each end shall be 0.30 meters behind the goal line.
  • The secretary shall be provided with separate red, white and blue flags.
  • Enough space around the [play field for the Referee and judges to move about.

Marks for Water Polo

Distinctive marks on both sides of the field of play will be present:

  • White marks - goal line and half distance line
  • Red marks - 2 meters from goal lines (re-entry area)
  • Yellow marks - 5 meters from goal lines
  • Green marks – 10 meters from goal lines (half distance)

Rules for Water Polo

  • A maximum of eight teams can enter the competition.

Team selection can be done as follows:

  • Three highest ranking teams from the previous World Championships will be included.
  • One winning team from the Continental Championships will be included.
  • Vacancy will be occupied by the next highest ranking team from the Continental Championships.
  • Each team consists of seven players and a maximum of six players in reserve.
  • Teams with less than seven players do not require to have a goalkeeper.
  • There may be upto two referees and two goal judges.
  • While one referee in mandatory, a goal judge is not.
  • The goal judges will be situated on the same side as the officiating table.
  • The game will be played in four sessions of eight minutes each.
  • When the entire ball passes fully over the goal line, between the goal posts and underneath the crossbar, it is counted as a goal.
  • A goalkeeper is not permitted to cross the half-line.
  • Players are not permitted to score a goal by using a closed fist.

Water Polo Events in Beijing Olympics 2008

  • water polo Men
  • water polo Women