Beijing Olympics 2008 Triathlon

History of Triathlon Sports:
  • Triathlon was developed in the early 1970s.
  • It was primarily employed as a vigorous workout.
  • Triathlon consisted of a 10km run, an 8km cycle and a 500 meter swim.
  • The first Triathlon world championships were held in 1989.
  • The official distance for triathlon was set at:
    • Swimming: 1500 meter
    • Cycling: 40 km
    • Running: 19 km swim
  • Triathlon was introduced to the Olympic Games in 2000.
  • Both men and women are allowed to compete in this sport.

Competition Field for Triathlon Sports:

Swimming Conduct:

  • Athletes are given a priority based on their World Cup rankings for selecting the starting position.
  • The athletes go directly to their selected numbered position and stay there till the competition starts.
  • Technical Officials note each athlete's race number and selected starting position.

Cycling Conduct:

  • The draft zone will be 7 meters long by 3 meters wide.
  • A competitor will be allowed a maximum of 15 seconds to pass through another competitor’s zone.
  • Motorcycles are the only vehicles allowed on the course.
  • All personnel must wear a securely fastened certified motorcycle helmet at all times while driving.

Running Conduct:

  • Use of helmets is mandatory throughout the competition.
  • Unused equipment should stay within the transition area or in a bin.
  • Competitors must not interfere in the progress of other competitors in the Transition Area.

Equipments for Triathlon Sports:

  • Bicycle
  • Bike rack- To hold the bicycle upright
  • Bottom bracket- To attach the axle unit to the base of the bicycle.
  • Chainring
  • Chainset- comprising of chainwheels, chain and rear sprocket.
  • Crank
  • Crankshaft
  • Derailleur- mechanism to move the chain across chainrings.
  • Goggles
  • Nose clip
  • Pontoon- A floating apparatus
  • Shoes
  • Sprocket
  • Sprocket wheel
  • Swim buoy: A marker used as a turning point in the swimming course.
  • Swimming cap
  • Wetsuit

Triathlon Sports Events:

The following events are included in the program for Beijing Olympics 2008:

  • Individual Men
  • Individual Women

Venues for Triathlon Sports:

  • The triathlon event of the 29th Olympic Games will be held at the Ming Tomb Reservoir in Changping District of northern Beijing from August 18-19.
  • The main venue is near the big dam of the reservoir.
  • Swimming will be held on the reservoir.
  • Cycling and running will be held on the big dam and the road section south of the dam.

Athlete Quota:

  • Men -55
  • Women -55
  • Total - 110