Beijing Olympics 2008 Tennis Events

History of Tennis Sports:

  • Tennis originated in France in the 11th century France.
  • It was initially called "jeu de paume".
  • The racquet was introduced to the game in the 16th century.
  • The modern form of tennis came into being in the 19th century.
  • In 1913, the International Lawn Tennis Federation (ILTF) evolved.
  • In 1923, the official ILTF Rules of Tennis came into being.
  • Both men and women compete in singles and doubles events.
  • Olympics Tennis is open to all players.

The Tennis Court:

  • The court shall be a rectangle.
  • Length: 78 feet (23.77 m)
  • Width for Singles matches: 27 feet (8.23 m)
  • Width for Doubles matches: 36 feet (10.97 m)
  • The court shall be divided across the middle by a net.
  • Height of the net: 3 ½ feet (1.07 m)
  • A white band shall cover the cord or metal cable and the top of the net.
  • The cord or metal cable shall be no more than 1/3 inch (0.8 cm) in diameter.
  • The width of the strap shall not exceed 2 inches (5 cm).
  • The band shall be between 2 inches (5 cm) and 2 ½ inches (6.35 cm) deep on each side.
  • Two lines shall be drawn between the singles sidelines.
  • The service lines shall be parallel to the net and 21 feet (6.40 m) from each side of the net.
  • The center service line shall be drawn parallel to the side service lines, half way between them.
  • The centre service line and centre mark shall be 2 inches (5 cm) wide.
  • The other lines of the court shall be between 1 inch (2.5 cm) and 2 inches (5 cm) wide.
  • The baselines may be up to 4 inches (10 cm) wide.
  • All lines should be same in color and bear contrast with the color of the court surface.

Rules of Tennis Sports:

Score in a Tennis Set:

Two main methods of scoring in a set are:

  • Advantage Set
  • Tie Breaker Set
Score in a Tennis Match:

A match can be played to:

  • The best of 3 sets
  • The best of 5 sets
Tennis Players Loses Points:

The point is lost if:

  • The player serves two consecutive faults
  • The player does not return the served ball and it bounces twice consecutively
  • The player returns the ball in play but it bounces off the court.
  • The player returns the ball in play but it hits a permanent fixture
  • The receiver returns the service before it bounces
  • The player deliberately carries or catches the ball in play on the racket or deliberately touches it with the racket more than once
  • The player or the racket touches the net, net posts/singles sticks, cord or metal cable, strap or band, or the opponent's court at any time while the ball is in play
  • The player hits the ball before it has passed the net
  • The ball in play touches the player or anything except the racket
  • The ball in play touches the racket when the player is not holding it
  • The player deliberately and materially changes the shape of the racket when the ball is in play
  • In doubles, both players touch the ball when returning it.


  • A team captain may coach a player only during a set break.
  • Captains are not allowed to coach after players change ends after the first game of each set or during a tie-break game.

Equipments for Tennis Sports:

  • Balls
  • Court
  • Net
  • Racket

Tennis Sports Events:

The following events are included in the program for Beijing Olympics 2008:

  • Doubles Men
  • Singles Men
  • Doubles Women
  • Singles Women

Venues for Tennis Sports:

  • The tennis event of the 29th Olympic Games will be held at the Olympic Green Tennis Center in Beijing from August 10-17, 2008.

Athlete Quota:

  • The target for tennis is 172 athletes