Beijing Olympics 2008 Synchronized Swimming

History for Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized Swimming event is open only to female contestants. Synchronized swimming originated during early twentieth century. Synchronized Swimming was first included in the Olympics in 1984 with solo and duetst events. Synchronized Swimming was discontinued in 1996 but resumed in 2000.

Pool Dimensions for Synchronized Swimming

  • The length of the pool between Automatic Officiating Equipment Panels should be 50 or 25 meters.
  • A tolerance of plus 0.03 meter in each lane minus 0.00 meter on both end walls at all points from 0.3 meter above to 0.8 meter below the surface of the water is allowed.
  • A minimum depth of 1.35 metes, extending from 1.0 meter to at least 6.0 meters from the end wall.
  • Every point on the pool should be atleast 1.0 meter deep.

Venues for Synchronized Swimming in Beijing Olympics 2008

  • The synchronized swimming competition will be held at the National Aquatics Center in the Olympic Green.

Events for Synchrinized Swimming

Synchronized Swimming comprises of the following events:

  • Solos Synchronized Swimming
  • Duets Synchronized Swimming
  • Teams Synchronized Swimming
  • Free Combination Synchronized Swimming

Atheletic Quota for Synchriinized Swimming

  • 8 teams of 9 athletes (72 athletes)
  • 16 additional duets of 2 athletes (32 athletes)
  • Total of 104 athletes

Rules for Synchronized Swimming

  • Only participants above 15 years of age as on December 31st of the competition year are allowed to enter.
  • Each competitor is permitted to perform only once in each of the above mentioned events.
  • The team routines comprise of eight participants.
  • Each Federation can enter a maximum of nine swimmers.
  • The participants are responsible for the music and sound for their respective performances.
  • The Sound Centre Manager is in charge of execution of musical accompaniments.
  • The Referee will have authority over all officials.
  • He/She may also substitute for a judge in case of emergency or absence.
  • The Referee is responsible for the settlement of any issues that may not be mentioned in the rules.
  • A Referee holds the power to disqualify any competitor found to violate the rules.

Events of Synchronized Swimming in Beijing Olympics 2008

  • duet Women
  • team Women