Beijing Olympics 2008 Softball

History of Softball Sports:

  • Softball originated in 1887 as an indoor form of baseball.
  • It began as an organized sport in the US in 1933.
  • The Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA) was formed in 1933.
  • In 1965, the International Softball Federation (ISF) was formed.
  • Softball disciplines are fast pitch, slow pitch, and modified fast pitch.
  • World championships in fast pitch softball were first held in 1965 for women and 1966 for men.
  • Slow-pitch world championships began in 1987.
  • The first world competition for junior men and women was held in 1981.
  • A World Cup for age 16-under girls began in 2001.

The Playing Field for Softball Sports:

The playing field shall have a clear and unobstructed area within the minimum radius of:

  • 67.06 m (220 ft) for junior and women fast pitch; or
  • 76.20 m (250 ft) for junior and men fast pitch; or
  • 80.77m (265 ft) for junior women slow pitch
  • 83.82 m (275 ft) for women slow pitch; or
  • 83.82m (275 ft) for Co-ed slow pitch, or
  • 91.44 m (300 ft) for men slow pitch
  • The field should have a minimum open area of 7.62m (25 ft) between the home plate and the backstop.
  • This area should not exceed 9.14m (30 ft) in width.
  • The playing field should preferably have a warning track
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Rules for Softball Sports:

  • A game consists of seven innings.
  • Additional innings may be played in case of a tie.
  • All seven innings need not be played if the second team scores more than the first at any point during the game.
  • The umpire holds the authority to call-off a game at any time.
  • The umpire may also forfeit a game on account of the participating teams’ behavior on field.
  • A regulation tie game shall be replayed from the beginning.
  • Original line-ups may be changed when the game is replayed.

Softball Sports Equipments:

  • Ball: made of synthetic core covered in leather.
  • Bat: made of high grade aluminum alloy
  • Batting glove
  • Diamond: made of a dirt infield and a grass outfield.
  • Glove (Catcher)
  • Helmet or Skull Cap (catcher)
  • Mask (catcher)
  • Shin guards and Knee pads
  • Helmet (batter)

Softball Sports Venues:

  • The softball event of the 29th Olympic Games will be held at Fengtai Softball Field in Beijing from August 12-21, 2008.

Athlete Quota:

  • 8 teams of 15 players
  • Total of 120 athletes