Beijing Olympics 2008 Slalom

History of Canoe/Kayak Salome Sports:
  • The first Salome canoe racing competition was held in 1933.
  • World championships in slalom canoe racing were introduced in 1949.
  • Whitewater canoeing, or slalom canoeing, was first held at the Olympics in 1972.
  • It was discontinued in 1988, but was resumed in 1992.
  • Men compete in Canadian singles (C1) and doubles (C2) and kayak singles (K1).
  • Women compete only in kayak singles (K1).
  • While flat racers must paddle continuously in a straight line, whitewater racers are propelled by the current of the water.

Competition Rules for Canoe/Kayak Salome Sports:

The canoe/kayak slalom racing will be held in accordance with the International Canoeing Federation (ICF) Slalom Racing Competition Rules. Entries will be finalized by ICF at a technical meeting to be held on August 9, 2008

Competition format for Canoe/Kayak Salome Sports:

Each Canoe/Kayak Salome Sports event will consist of:

  • Heats (2 runs)
  • Semifinal (1 run)
  • Final (1 run)

A Canoe/Kayak Salome Sports draws will take place for athletes who are not included in the current ICF World Ranking List.

Equipments for Canoe/Kayak Salome Sports:

  • Bent-shaft paddle
  • Blade
  • Canoe
  • Cockpit
  • Deck
  • Double-bladed paddle
  • Gate
  • Grip
  • Hull
  • Kayak
  • Single-bladed paddle
  • Paddle
  • Spray skirts
  • Helmet
  • Life jacket

The Course for Canoe/Kayak Salome Sports:

  • The course must be entirely navigable throughout its length.
  • Conditions should be uniform for right and left-handed paddlers.
  • The course should have atleast one gate-combination.
  • Direction changes and obstacles should be present to increase difficulty levels.
  • The course must be atleast 250 m in length.
  • The maximum length for a course is 400 m.
  • The course should be navigable for K1 men in not less than 90 Sec.
  • The course must consist of a maximum of 25 gates and a minimum of 18 gates.
  • A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 7 gates must be upstream gates.
  • The distance between the last gate and the finish line must be atleast 15 meters and not more than 25 meters.
  • Only the Chief Judge is authorized to alter or change the position of a gate.

Venue for Canoe/Kayak Salome Sports:

The canoe/kayak event of the 29th Olympic Games will be held at the Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park on the side of Chaobai River in the Shunyi District of Beijing from August 11-23, 2008.

Athlete Quota for Canoe/Kayak Salome Sports:

  • 61 men
  • 21 women
  • Total of 82 athletes

Canoe/Kayak Salome Sports Events:

  • C-1 (canoe single) Men
  • K-1 (kayak single) Men
  • C-2 (canoe double) Men
  • K-1 (kayak single) Women