Beijing Olympics 2008 Shooting

History of Shooting Sports:

For centuries, shooting was used for hunting. Shooting evolved as a sport in the 19th century. The National Rifle Association (USA) was formed in 1871. The NRA helped in developing Shooting Sports as an organized sport. Shooting Sports was introduced to the Olympic Games in 1896. Shooting was discontinued in the Olympic program in 1928 and resumed in 1932. Women were introduced to Olympic Shooting Sports in 1968. In 1984 the International Shooting Union (UIT) now called the ISSF - International Shooting Sport Federation introduced separate events for women.

Equipments for Shooting Sports:

  • Air pistol
  • Air rifle
  • Barrel
  • Blinkers
  • Bunker
  • Cartridge
  • Chamber
  • Choke
  • Chokebore
  • Clay target
  • Metallic sight
  • Free pistol
  • Magazine
  • Pistol
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Stock
  • Trap
  • Trigger

Rules for Shooting Events:

300 m Standard Rifle and 10 m Air Rifle:

The butt plate may be adjustable. The toe of the butt plate, with the butt plate in its maximum downward position must be within 220 mm from the center line of the barrel. Turning the butt plate on the horizontal axis is not allowed.

300 m Standard Rifle:

All 300 m rifles may be used. The minimum trigger pull is 1500 grams. The trigger pull must be conducted with the barrel in a vertical position. Trigger weight control checks must be conducted immediately after the last series. A maximum of three (3) attempts to lift the weight is allowed. Any shooter whose rifle fails the test shall be disqualified.

10 m Air Rifle
  • Any type of compressed air or gas rifle may be used.
  • The rifle should conform to the specifications mentioned in the Rifle Measurements Table.
  • The rifle may only be loaded with one pellet.
  • In case of two hits, the score of the highest value shot will be counted.
50 m Rifle:
  • Long Rifle cartridges are permitted.
  • The weight of the rifle must not exceed 8 kg for men and 6.5 kg for women.
  • Weight is inclusive of accessories and arm rest.
10 m Air Pistol
  • A 4.5 mm (.177") compressed air or gas pistol of any caliber may be used.
  • Pistol should conform to the specification in 8.16.0.
  • The pistol can be loaded with one pellet at the time of participation.
50 m Pistol:
  • A 5.6 mm (.22") pistol of any caliber may be used.
  • Pistol should be chambered for Long Rifle cartridges.
  • Pistol should be able to hold 1 cartridge.
  • Hand covers are allowed as long as they do not cover the wrist.
10 m Five Shot Air Pistol
  • A compressed air or gas pistol of any caliber may be used.
  • The magazine should be able to hold 5 pellets.

Shooting Sports Venues in Beijing Olympics 2008:

The shooting event of the 29th Olympic Games will be held from August 9-17, 2008 at:

  • Beijing Shooting Range Hall
  • Beijing Shooting Range CTF at Shijingshan District.
  • Total number of athletes- 390
  • An NOC may qualify a maximum number of 2 athletes per event.
  • For women’s trap and skeet events, the NOC may qualify only 1 athlete per event.
  • 10m air pistol (60 shots) Men
  • 25m rapid fire pistol (60 shots) Men
  • 50m rifle 3 positions (3x40 shots) Men
  • double trap (150 targets) Men
  • trap (125 targets) Men
  • 10m air rifle (40 shots) Women
  • 50m rifle 3 positions (3x20 shots) Women
  • 10m air rifle (60 shots) Men
  • 50m pistol (60 shots) Men
  • 50m rifle prone (60 shots) Men
  • skeet (125 targets) Men
  • 10m air pistol (40 shots) Women
  • 25m pistol (30+30 shots) Women
  • skeet (75 targets) Women
  • trap (75 targets) Women