Beijing Olympics 2008 Football

History of Football

Football was introduced as an exhibition sport in 1900 and 1904. It was the first team sport to be contested in the Olympics. Football has been dominated by Europe through the years. Women’s football was introduced in 1996.

Equipment for Football

  • Ball
  • Goalkeeper gloves
  • Goal ( 2.44 m by 7.32 m)
  • Shin guards
  • Uniforms
  • Soccer boots

Play Field for Football:

Field surface:

According to rules, this may be:

  • natural
  • artificial
  • The field must be rectangular.
  • The length of the touch line must be greater than the length of the goal line.
  • Length: 90 m to 120 m.
  • Width: 45 m to 90 m.
International Matches
  • Length: 100 m to 110 m.
  • Width: 64 m to 75 m.

RULES for Football:

The Number of Players in Football
  • A match is played by two teams.
  • Each team can have a maximum of eleven players.
  • A match will be withheld if number of players in any team is less than seven.
  • Number of substitutes cannot exceed three per match.
The Method of Scoring for Football Event

A goal is scored when the whole of the ball passes:

  • Over the goal line
  • Between the goalposts
  • Under the crossbar

Fouls and Misconduct

A direct free kick is awarded against the team if a player commits any of the following six offences:

  • Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
  • Trips or attempts to trip an opponent
  • Jumps at an opponent
  • Charges an opponent
  • Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent
  • Pushes an opponent
The Penalty Kick
  • A penalty kick is awarded against a team that commits one of the ten offences in its own penalty area and while the ball is in play.
  • A goal may be scored directly from a penalty kick.
  • Additional time is allowed for a penalty kick.

Events for Football in Beijing Olympics 2008:

The following events are included in the program for Beijing Olympics 2008:

  • Football Men
  • Football Women

Venue for Football in Beijing Olympics 2008:

The football competitions of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will be held from August 6-23, 2008.

The Football events for Beijing Olympics 2008 will be held at the following locations:

  • Beijing (The Workers' Stadium, The Olympic Sports Center Stadium and the National Stadium)
  • Shanghai (Shanghai Stadium)
  • Tianjin (Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium)
  • Shenyang (Shenyang Olympic Sport Center Stadium)
  • Qinhuangdao (Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center Stadium)