Beijing Olympics 2008 Cycling Events

History of Cycling Sports:

Invented in the mid-eighteenth century, bicycles were mostly used for transportation. The advent of modern bicycles with chains, gears and equal wheels, promoted cycling as a sport. Cycling has been on the agenda for every Olympic game.

The cycling events consist of:

  • Road races
  • Track races
  • Mountain Biking.

The original Olympic road race took place on the marathon course in 1896, Athens. A team road race event was also on the programme from 1912 to 1956. In 1960, the team road race was replaced by a 100 kilometer team time trial. In 1992, this was removed in favor of individual time trial. Women cycling events were introduced in 1984. The cycling medals have been dominated by France and Italy.

Venues for Cycling Sports in Beijing Olympics 2008:

  • The cycling events of the 2008 Olympic Games will be held August 9-23.
  • Track, mountain bike and BMX events will be held at Laoshan venues in Shijingshan District of Beijing.
  • Road cycling will be held at the Urban Cycling Road Course.

Athlete Quota:

The target for cycling is 500 athletes

The Course for Cycling Sports

  • The course for a cross-country race should ideally have forest roads and tracks, fields, earth or gravel paths and include significant amounts of sloping area.
  • Paved or tarred/asphalt roads should not exceed 15% of the total course.
  • The course should be accessible irrespective of the terrain or the weather conditions.
  • There should be no accident inducing obstacles on the course.
  • Extended single track sections must have periodic passing sections.
  • The course of cross-country events must be totally separate from other events and should not be simultaneously used for training.
  • Provision must be made for at least 6 crossing points for spectators.
  • The crossings must be marshaled on each side.

Rules for Cycling Sports:

  • Honesty and adherence to promises and obligations are of prime importance in the cycling domain.
  • The rules will be laid out by UCI and violation of the same will result in fines or suspension.
  • UCI authorities may issue warnings, blames, fines or disqualification notices to erring participants.

Road Races

  • A maximum of 200 riders can participate in the road race.
  • Each team may have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 titular riders.
  • All teams should have the same number of riders.
  • At junior level, the maximum gear ratio authorized is that which gives a distance covered per pedal revolution of 7.93 meters.
  • For junior participants, use of remote communication methods is not allowed.

Track Races

Riders shall bear two number panels except in the following events:

  • The Km Time Trial
  • The 500 m Time Trial
  • The Individual Pursuit
  • The Team Pursuit
  • The Team Sprint.
    • A maximum of two standstills shall be permitted for each race.
    • The maximum period for a standstill shall be 30 seconds.

Mountain Bike Races

  • In mountain biking, women aged from 19 to 22 are grouped in an "Under 23" category.
  • A rider must permit any faster rider to overtake without obstructing.

Equipments for Cycling Sports:

  • Cycling road/ track
  • Chain ring: A large toothed ring that drives the chain via the pedals and cranks.
  • Chain stay: The two horizontal parts of the bike frame that join the bottom bracket to the rear wheel.
  • Cogwheel or sprocket
  • Cranks: The arms bolted to the crankshaft to drive the chain wheels.
  • Crankshaft: The axle to which the cranks are attached.
  • Derailleur: The mechanism which moves the chain from one chain ring or sprocket to another.
  • Gloves
  • Handlebars
  • Helmet
  • Saddle
  • Race bike/ Mountain Bike
  • "Velo de contre la Montre"
  • Bicycle pants
  • Chain set: comprising the chain wheels, chain and rear sprocket.
  • Gear
  • Suspension: for shock absorption

Events of Cycling Sports in Beijing Olympics 2008:

The cycling events included in Beijing Olympics 2008 program are:

Cycling Road:

  • Individual road race Men
  • Individual time trial Men
  • Individual road race Women
  • Individual time trial Women

Cycling BMX:

  • Individual Men
  • Individual Women

Cycling Track:

  • Individual Pursuit Men
  • Keirin Men
  • Madison Men
  • Olympic Sprint Men
  • Points Race Men
  • Sprint individual Men
  • Team Pursuit (4000m) Men
  • Individual pursuit Women
  • Points race Women
  • Sprint Women

Mountain Bike:

  • Cross-country Men
  • Cross-country Women
  • Individual Men
    Cycling Road
  • individual road race Men
  • individual time trial Men
    Cycling Track
  • Individual Pursuit Men
  • Keirin Men
  • Madison Men
  • Olympic Sprint Men
  • Points Race Men
    Mountain Bike
  • cross-country Men
  • individual Women
  • individual road race Women
  • individual time trial Women

  • Sprint indivual Men
  • Team Pursuit (4000m) Men
  • Individual pursuit Women
  • Points race Women
  • Sprint Women

  • cross-country Women