Beijing Olympics 2008 Basketball


History of Basketball Sports
  • Basketball originated in the US during the late nineteenth century.
  • By 1930, it was an internationally recognized sport and the International Basketball Federation was formed in 1932 in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Though Basketball was introduced in the Olympics in 1904, it was played as a medal sport only in 1936.
  • Women’s basketball was introduced in 1976.
  • The US has won the maximum medals for basketball in Olympic history.

Events for Basketball in Beijing Olympics 2008

The following events are on the programme for Beijing Olympics 2008:

  • Basketball Men
  • Basketball Women

Venue for Basketball in Beijing Olympics 2008

  • The basketball event of the 29th Olympic Games will be held at Wukesong Indoor Stadium in Beijing from August 9-24, 2008.

Equipments for Basketball Sports:

The following equipment is required for the sport:

  • A rigid rectangular blackboard behind the rim.
  • A ball that is 75 to 78 cm in circumference and weighs 600-650 grams.
  • The ball should be made of standard leather.
  • A goal/ basket made of horizontal and circular metal rim that is located 3.05 m above floor level.
  • High-topped shoes.
  • A stop-clock
  • A floor area measuring 28m x 15m made of wooden parquet.

Rules for Basketball Sports:

The FIBA will be responsible for laying down guidelines regarding:

  • Official Basketball Rules
  • Basketball equipment
  • Internal regulations
  • Olympic Charter
  • Technical control and direction
  • Appointment of International Technical Officials
  • Verifying the identity of participating athletes, team managers and assistant team managers


The Olympic Basketball competition for men and women will consist of:

  • Preliminary Round
  • Quarterfinals
  • Semifinals
  • Finals.

Preliminary Round in Beijing Olympics 2008

  • There will be a total of 12 participating teams.
  • These will be divided into two equal groups A and B.
  • The teams will compete with other teams in the same group.
  • The top-four teams from each group will qualify for the Quarter-Finals.

Quarterfinals in Beijing Olympics 2008

The 8 teams qualified from the Preliminary Round will compete as follows:

  • Game 31- A2 vs. B3
  • Game 32- B1 vs. A4
  • Game 33- B2 vs. A3
  • Game 34- A1 vs. B4

The four winning teams will make it to the Semi-Finals.

Semifinals in Beijing Olympics 2008

The four winners of the Quarterfinals will compete in the following format:

  • Game 35: Winner 31 vs. Winner 32
  • Game 36: Winner 33 vs. Winner 34
  • The winning teams will play in the gold medal game.
  • The losing teams will play in the bronze medal game.

Finals in Beijing Olympics 2008

The Finals will be played in the following format:

  • Game 37: Loser 35 vs. Loser 36 (3rd– 4th)
  • Game 38: Winner 35 vs. Winner 36 (1st -2nd)
  • The winner of Game 37 will receive the bronze medal and the loser will finish the 4th place.
  • The winner of Game 38 will receive the gold medal and the loser will receive the silver medal.


  • basketball Men
  • basketball Women