Beijing Olympics 2008 Badminton

History of Badminton:
  • Badminton is said to have evolved from a combination of many traditional sports.
  • Badminton was played as a demonstration sport in the 1972 Olympics.
  • It was included as a medal sport only in 1992.
  • Men and women players contest in singles and doubles events.
  • Indonesia, China and Korea have won the most medals in Olympic history.

Venue for Badminton in Beijing Olympics 2008

The badminton event of the 29th Olympic Games will be held at the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium from August 9-17, 2008.

Events for Badminton in Beijing Olympics 2008

The following events are included the program for Beijing Olympics 2008 Badminton:

  • Men’s Doubles
  • Women’s Doubles
  • Men’s Singles
  • Women’s Singles
  • Mixed Doubles

Athlete Quota for Badminton Sports in Beijing Olympics 2008:

  • 86 men
  • 86 women
  • Total of 172 players

Equipments for Badminton:

  • A court or play area defined by boundary lines.
  • A dark colored net made of fine cord of even thickness with a mesh.
  • Posts to hold the net in place.
  • A racket to hit the shuttlecock.
  • A shuttlecock made of cork with natural or artificial goose feathers attached to one end.

Rules of Badminton:

The Badminton World Federation is holds the following responsibilities:

  • Laying out rules
  • Olympic Charter
  • Technical control and direction of the sport.
  • Appointment of referee, three deputy referees and 24 internationally recognized umpires.

Competition Format

  • Competition consists of five events.
  • Olympics badminton is played in a straight elimination format.
  • Top eight players according to world-ranking will be seeded in the singles events.
  • Top four pairs according to world-ranking will be seeded in the doubles events.
  • The maximum draw size will be 64 for singles and 16 for doubles.
  • The draw will be conducted by the BWF.
  • Each match is contested as the best of three games.
  • The side that scores 21 points first, shall be the winner of the game
  • A point is awarded to the winning side of each rally.
  • If the score becomes 20-all, the side which gains a two points lead first, is declared the winner.
  • If the score becomes 29-all, the side scoring the 30th point is declared the winner.
  • The maximum duration for intervals between games is two minutes.
  • Coaching is allowed between rallies.
  • doubles Men
  • singles Men
  • doubles Mixed
  • doubles Women
  • singles Women