Beijing Olympics 2008 Archery

History of Archey Sports
  • Archery sports emerged as an organized competition sport during the sixteenth century.
  • The first known organized competition in Archery sports was held at Finsbury, England in 1583.
  • The sport was introduced to the Olympics in 1900.
  • Hubert van Innis from Belgium won the most medals in Olympic history.
  • Archery sports was removed from the Olympic program in 1920 and re-introduced in 1972.
  • Team events were added in 1988.
  • Now, men and women participate in separate events.

Equipments for Archery Sports

The following equipment is required for competitive Archery sports:
  • Armguard: for arm protection while shooting.
  • Arrow: Should have a maximum diameter of 9.3 mm and identity markers like archer’s initials, name, distinctive colors or patters.
  • Bow: The weight specified for men’s and women’s competition is 22 kilograms and 15 kilograms respectively. The bow comprises of a riser and two limbs.
  • Bowstring: Mostly made of a material called Dyneema.
  • Chestguard: Designed to protect the body from injury while releasing the bowstring and keeping clothes out of the way.
  • Finger tab or shooting glove: Made of leather, it is worn to protect the finger while releasing the arrow.
  • Fletching: Real or artificial feathers at the tail of the arrow for streamlining movement.
  • Hand grid of handle: is the handle of the bow.
  • Quiver: is a container for holder for arrows and is worn around the waist.
  • Nock: is the attachment on the rear end of an arrow that holds it in place on the bowstring.
  • Sight or Bow sight: is a mechanical device that helps in aiming.
  • Stabilizer: is a weight mounted on the bow to stabilize it while shooting.
  • Target: The centre of the bull’s-eye stands 1.3 meters above the ground and is 12.2 centimeters in diameter.

Rules of Archery Sports in Beijing Olympics 2008:

  • Can be shot with fingers or with a release.
  • The maximum bow weight for men and women is 80 Lbs and 60 Lbs respectively.
  • Peepholes, armrests and stabilizers are permitted.
  • Only standard type of arrows can be used.
  • Arrows should weigh a minimum of 125 US grains and 100 US grains for men and women respectively.
  • Pencils can be used to score arrows.
  • Crosschecking is done between the scorers and the judges to prevent cheating.
  • When shooting is alternating, the tie break will also be in alternate shooting and will be shot in 30 seconds.
  • If the match is shot in non alternating format, the tie break will also be without alternation and shot in 40 seconds.
  • A 122 cm target is used for the 60 m and 50 m distances.
  • An 80 cm target is used for the 40 m and 30 m distances.
  • 128 athletes will perform in the Archery sports competitions.

Events of Archey Sports in Beijing olympics 2008:

The following events will be included in the program for the Beijing Olympic 2008:

  • Individual (FITA Olympic round - 70m) Men
  • Team (FITA Olympic round - 70m) Men
  • Individual (FITA Olympic round - 70m) Women
  • Team (FITA Olympic round - 70m) Women

Venu for Archery Sports in Beijing Olympics 2008

  • The Archery sports event of the 29th Olympic Games will be held at the Olympic Green Archery sports Field from August 9-15, 2008.
  • individual (FITA Olympic round - 70m) Men
  • team (FITA Olympic round - 70m) Men
  • individual (FITA Olympic round - 70m) Women
  • team (FITA Olympic round - 70m) Women