Beach Volleyball

A trip to the beach is not complete without a session of some exiting volleyball action to boost your body and spirit. Indeed, beach volleyball is one of the most popular beach sports and it has become a past time for almost all the people travelling to beaches worldwide.

Beach volleyball is similar to the indoor volleyball and has developed from it. The major differences that lie between beach volleyball and the indoor volleyball are that the beach volleyball is played on sand rather than the hard courts and each team consists of only two players.

Along with these two contrasts, the beach volleyball court is a little smaller in size from the indoor volleyball, the attires are different and the players play barefoot. Some minor in-game differences are there as well and as soon as one starts playing, he can become familiarised with the rules within a day or two.

The game was introduced in the 1920s in Santa Monica, California and since that time, beach volleyball has gained abundant popularity all over North America, Europe and Asia. The game started getting more exposure and fame with the involvement of media around the 1990s and it was honoured in the Olympics as an exhibition sport in 1992. In 1996,beach volleyball was changed to a separate sport in the Olympics.

Beach Volleyball Gears

What can be more disappointing when you put up all your efforts to go to the beach with friends and then find no net? You should always try to buy one on your own so that you don’t have to worry about these circumstances. Before you set off to buybeach volleyball net, make sure that you buy it light so that in can be easily carried around. You should be able to find nets from a various brands but its advisable that you buy Spalding or Park & Sun Sportsbeach volleyball nets as they are more reputed. The net system should be available within $35 to $200.

Beach volleyball equipments are available from a wide range of brands. The most preferred of these brands is Home Court?. All these Home Court-products are made in the US and they are designed for best performance. You can get a completebeach volleyball set from Home Court and manufacture equipments ranging from courtliness and net systems to sand kits and pole equipment. They manufacture all the necessary hardware for beach volleyball.

Virtual Beach Volleyball

The popularity of beach volleyball has led to the creation of numerous video games and out of all; Dead of Alive Xtreme – Extreme Beach Volleyball has gained the most popularity. The game has been released in 2003 by the gaming company Tecmo for the Xbox platform. It is a sequence of the fighting action game: Dead or Alive. Unlike its predecessors, Dead or Alive Xtreme doesn’t have any fighting action and the game totally focuses onbeach volleyball. The game features stunning graphics and sensual women both in and out of the beach volleyball court. For the explicit contents of the game, it has received the attribute of mature rating.

Association of Volleyball Professionals

The association of volleyball professionals (abbreviated as AVP) is an active governing body that have been established in 1983 to organise beach volleyball events. In the United States, AVP is a very important figure among the beach volleyball players. AVP beach volleyball tours are organised throughout the year and these volleyball events are broadcasted in channels like NBC and Versus. One of the most famous tours that AVP has held is the Nissan Championship tour on the September of 2005. The current sponsor of AVP since the 2006 tour has been Crocs and the organisation is led by Leonard Armato, who stands the rank of the commissioner in the AVP. Few of the top famous AVP players from the men’s side are Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers, while on the lady’s side the top players are Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings.