Basket Ball

This is known as one of the best world-class sport, playing almost at every country whether at International or National level and having lots and lots of fans all over the world. Basketball as the name says it’s a combination of two words basket and ball, where we have to throw the ball under several rules and regulations to the opponent’s basket. Mr. James of YMCA founded basketball sport in 1891.

In the year 1895, it becomes a part of woman high schools. Basketball is a sport played between two teams having five players each side and their aim is to throw the ball to opponent’s basket and save the ball to be thrown in their baskets from the opponents attack.

The team who throws more balls in the opponent’s basket wins the match. In other words, we can also say that Basketball is a game of two teams playing with five players each side and their goal is to score points against the opponent, the team with more points wins the match.

After the basic meaning next we have to go to the popularity section. For the promotion of Basketball sports all over the world an organization was founded in 1932 named as an International Basketball Federation. This is a collaboration of eight countries named as Argentina, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Switzerland, Portugal, Romania, and Czechoslovakia. Though many time this game becomes a part of Olympic games too.

This participation in Olympic makes this famous all over the world. In year 1936, first time Basketball is played as an Olympic sport. US Teams are known as the king of the basketball as it is the motherland of Basketball, many youngsters wants to make their profession as a Basketball player. There is no limit of money when you are a basketball professional. Whether you win or loss the title you get a handsome reward from the sports organizations that organize this sport.

Though, it is not much popular in Asian countries. If we talk about the equipment used in this sport that it is a ball: - from which a player plays, A net or basket, attach with the pole and it’s the place where player has to throw the ball to earn score, and a basketball court:- a complete place where player plays basketball includes both side poles containing baskets or nets.

If we speak about basketball in India, then sadly we have to say that we don’t have any International basketball team but here the good thing is that future of India is very brighten in this sport. As basketball is a major sport in schools and colleges now. Even I too play basketball for over seven years in my school time.

Even though we are having many state level basketball teams and every year sports organizations organizes camps to motivate and train the young generation to be a part of Basketball sport. Even in school and college time we all play this in our sports period just for fun and enjoy, if you want to make this as a profession, then its must that you should join coaching camps of your state. And you can earn good money by playing these games at state level. And we all are hoping that very soon, India too becomes an International basketball playing country.

In the conclusion, I just want to say that above I had tried to express my views regarding Basketball sports, its relevance, popularity, media coverage, role of basketball in India, what’s the young generation of India, though about it. And we hope that you all are satisfied with my thinking over basketball sports.