Basketball Sports

Basketball is a game of playing ball between two teams.

Each team has five players and can be played on both indoor and outdoor courts.

The winner team of the game is supposed to score the major points by throwing the basketball through the basket, which is at the height of 10 ft. from the ground.

Bank Shot Basketball

  • Bank shot basketball is a new game that is often termed as a "mini golf”, but it is played with a basketball.
  • In Bank shot basketball game stations and bank boards are marked.
  • A Bank shot player moves from one station to the next while playing.
  • At each station, the player bank shots off the bank boards and through the nets. Depending on where the player bank the shot from, he gets the points.
  • The stations or the shooting spots are marked with bright colors.
  • The best part is people of the entire ages as well as disabled can enjoy this game.
  • All you need is the skill to play Bank shot basketball game.

Beach Basketball

  • Beach basketball is an exiting game played by thronging ball in the basket or hoop on a stand in a beach.
  • Hoopsters of all ages enjoy this game.
  • Beach basketball is played on a circular court with no backboard on the goal.
  • Beach basketball game can be played by the boys and girls of all the age groups where the beach or a gymnasium can act as a court.
  • This modified version of basketball was invented by Philip Bryant, three decades ago. Nowadays, this game has grown to a very popular and widespread competitive sport. Alabama is the birthplace of Beach Basketball®. Presently, seven, World Beach Basketball Association are preparing as the host of the forthcoming tournaments.
  • So, Beach basketball is world's fastest growing beach Sport.

Deaf Basketball

  • United States of America Deaf Basketball (USDB) is a national basketball organization. It is serving Deaf aspirants and Hard of Hearing athletes who desire to participate in basketball and enjoy the game.
  • DIBF (Deaf International Basketball Federation) has launched websites, which is the official website for the upcoming DIBF World Deaf Basketball Championships.
  • Recently, 2nd championship took place in the Guangzhou, China, from 22nd June to 30th June 2007.
  • The site includes all-event related information on these international Deaf basketball championships for men and women.
  • A live television broadcast is done via online by Deaf Nation during the finals.

Maxi Basketball

  • Maxi basketball game came into being in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1969.
  • The first International Maxi basketball Tournament was held in Argentina, in 1978, under the sponsorship of the South American Basketball Federation.
  • In this tournament, 32 teams participated from 32 countries.
  • International Maxi Basketball Association (FIMBA) works with the aim to promote, organize, develop, work up, manage and control the practice of Maxi basketball.

Mini Basketball

  • Mini basketball is all about playing with mini basketball hoops made with steel rims and acrylic backboards.
  • Mini-Pro and Mini-Extreme hoops are also part of the game sometimes.
  • JustinTymeSports has been manufacturing high quality mini basketball hoops since 1996. Justin had a group of friends who spend the night playing on that mini hoop for hours. His friends liked it so much that they created a new version of the basketball game that is how JustinTymeSports was born.

Show Basketball

  • Show Basketball has an official site of the basketball showmen par excellence.
  • One of the greatest basketball show team organizations are Harlem Wizards.
  • The team features excellent basketball players, who can put on a show with their slams. The Wizards organization is proud to feature players with inexhaustible and varied basketball backgrounds.

Wheelchair Basketball

  • People with disabilities play Show Basketball sport.
  • Show Basketball is based on the major rules and scoring of FIBA basketball.
  • Show Basketball also maintains a 10 ft. basketball hoop and standard basketball court.

Street Ball

  • SBA is the official site of Street ball Association.
  • The Street Basketball Association has most talented players, not in the NBA. In addition the biggest street basketball events the SBA the top players participate.

Water Basketball

  • Water basketball is a water sport combines the rules of basketball and water polo.
  • Water basketball was invented and promoted by Italian teacher Francesco Rizzuto in 1986.
  • Water basketball game is played in a swimming pool.