Badminton Sports

This is another world-class sport. Badminton sports define as a sport that is played by volleying a shuttlecock back and forth over a high narrow net, with the help of long-handled racket. This is another racket sports and hence very much similar to the tennis sports. But, it is not such famous as tennis sports. In this sport the aim of the player is to strike shuttlecock with the help of theirracket over the net and lands it in opponent player court. This sport is also a part of Olympic Sports, and hence has a good reputation all over the world. Another good thing of this sport is a small game, and hence, not consume much time of the fans or spectators

This sport is famous all over the world, and also played in school sports periods for leisure or recreation purpose. Badminton sports are played for two purposes. First purpose to play these sports is for profession or for money earning, and it is played between professionals for monetary purpose, it should be played whether at national level or at International level, it depends. Second purpose to play this sport is for recreation purpose or spending the time, it is played between friends, colleagues, etc and aim is to enjoy or for fun purpose

If we are discussing about badminton, then it’s necessary to know what are the essential equipments that the players use to play the game. These are: -


These are the light in weight so that players can strike the ball freely. Mostly the rackets are made by aluminum metal.


It is the tool or thing, which is strike by player with the help of racket to the opponent’s court.


This helps the players to be flexible. This allows the player to be comfortable by increasing the thickness of striking hand.


There are two types of strings, thin and thick. Both are having their own quality. But professionals mostly prefer thinner strings than thicker one.

Like tennis sports, this is also played in 3 ways:


Play as one against one whether men against men or woman against woman.


Played between team of two against team of two, both sides men team, and both sides woman team.

Mixed Doubles:

Played between team of two in which one is a man and another is a woman against the same.

Badminton sports was introduced in 1870’s in Britain and traveled in India in 1920’s. And day-by-day became one of the famous games of India.

In India, Badminton Association of India is one of the major organizations that promote badminton in India. Every year this organization organizes lots of tournaments at national level to promote this sport. They also train the players with the help of professional coaches in their camps. Or in other words you can say that it is an Organization that promotes the game of badminton in India, arranges tournaments, exhibition games, and coaching camps.

Aparna Popat, Chetan Anand, Prakash Padukone, Raman Ghosh, Pullela Gopichand, etc are among the few faces of India that promotes Badminton sports and represent the country at International level. There are lots of camps organized every year to find more of these professional players in Badminton Sports. These sports became popular after its 1st appearance in Olympic games in 1992. And for the promotion of Badminton in this modern time, the media plays very vital role. And Badminton association pays good amount to the media for this publicity.

So, after the above discussion about meaning, history, equipments and role of Badminton sports, we comes to the conclusion that its still one of the world class famous sport in India as well as all over the world. And the upcoming generation wants to make badminton as their profession.