Badminton Court Sydney

Badminton sports refers to a game played between two players for the single's championships and between four players for double's championships games.

What is Badminton Court? The basic meaning is the court or the place on which the badminton game is played.

In other words we can also define Badminton courts as a marked horizontal area within which badminton sports is played and for each player a marker court is reserved in advance for their services in a match.

The size of the court is measured as in single's game of about 5.2 meters width and for doubles it is measured up to 6.1 meters. And the full length of Badminton court is 13 meters.

The service area is marked by a long service line in doubles, which is 0.78 meters from the back boundary.

Badminton is a famous sports in Sydney too as Australia is a sports loving country and hence in each and every college or University of Sydney is having the best badminton courts as best as the internationals one.

A club named North Sydney badminton Club is best among all, it is also known as NSB Club, and it was established with the purpose of teaching the sports of badminton among the upcoming sports generation of Australia.

This club is so popular that players come from other origin to learn and play here. Even Ultimate badminton club is also a top club of Sydney that is famous for its world class Badminton courts, and this clubs too given many of the International badminton stars to Australia.

There are total 11 badminton courts with Olympic Tara flex in Sydney for hire for practice or even for fun playing. Even there is a University named as UNSW which is very much famous for itsbadminton court and world class players, as they improved the standards of Badminton game in Sydney, this University not only teaches the art of Badminton but also teaches them other sports too, this is one of the major University in Australia in the field of sports. So this University is the master of sports in Australia.

There is another name which we people never forget when we are discussing about Sydney Badminton Courts, its none other than Sydney High Gym as this club has having 06 badminton courts in its premises, apart from badminton courts it also has sports arrangement for other sports like Fencing and Volleyball.

So, above we had explain the term badminton and Badminton Courts , their meaning, and how much it is popular in Sydney and also named few world class Badminton Clubs and the famous badminton Courts, Hope you all are satisfied as per the above discussion.