Badminton Clubs

Do you know that, today there is a brand name of badminton sports all over the world, there are many countries who are participating in Badminton sport, and is a part of Olympic sports too. If we define the badminton game we can say that it is played by volleying a shuttlecock back and forth over a high narrow net, with the help of long-handled racket.

Badminton is another racket sports and hence very much similar to the tennis sports. Though it is not as popular as the tennis is. History of this game begins in 1870 by the British Country, and day-by-day, it became popular.

Badminton sports made its debut in Olympic Games in the year 1992.

Badminton Clubs are defining as the clubs that are made with the purpose of train the young generation and making this badminton sports popular all over the world.

First you have to become the member of Badminton clubs then there are professionals who will teach you the ways of playing badminton. You can join these clubs for making your career in Badminton, or even for leisure purpose too.

To make a player perfect, world class Badminton Clubs plays very vital role as it enhance the skills and abilities of the player and also they train them by professional coaches who teach them a lots about badminton.

Badminton clubs really played a vital role in the play of the new player and also motivate the young generation to be a part of Badminton.

There are few world famous badminton clubs like

  • Golden Gate Badminton Club
  • Tennis and Badminton-club of Reykjavik (TBR).
  • The Holly burn Club
  • Kelowna Badminton Club
  • CCSD Badminton Centre
  • Chiltern Badminton Club UK
  • UT Badminton Club
  • Harvard Badminton Club
  • UTS Badminton Club, Catonsville Badminton clubs
  • UGA Badminton Clubs
Golden Gate Badminton Club

Mr. Mike Yang established Golden Gate Badminton club in the Year 2005. This club has hosted many of the biggest tournaments in Northern California, including some national ranking tournaments.

Another good thing about this club is its facilities that include 8 Olympic level courts with 35 feet high ceilings, a full service pro-shop, a fitness rooms, children's room, locker rooms, and a mezzanine lounge.

So, above we had tried to tell you about meaning of badminton sports, and how much they are popular all over the world, and what role does the badminton clubs play in making a player perfect by enhancing their skills and also we had tried to discuss few world class Badminton Clubs, all over the world. Hope you all are satisfied as per the above discussion.