Auto Racing

Auto racing finds its slot on the top among popular spots. The adrenaline shooting sport is the hot favorite of those who love thrills.

The history of auto racing goes back to end of 19th century in 1895 when the first race was conducted.

With the pace of time the racing has taken a different shapes and today there are varied forms of auto racing both legal and illegal.

Let’s find out some interesting facts on automobile racing.

Street Racing

  • Street racing is a cool factor for those who race and risk their lives! But this is not a legal form of racing.
  • This unsanctioned race takes place in public roads often violating traffic rules and racing at high speeds beyond permissible speed limits.
  • Street racing often called the racing of hooligans! It can be spontaneous or coordinated or well planned.
  • Well planned street racing used police scanners and GPS to monitor police hot spots and avoid them while they race in the roads.
  • Though street racing is a fashion factor now but no law of any state permits them because of the dare devil acts and stunts they perform risking lives of both the driver and the commuters and other normal traffic.

Stock Car Racing

  • Stock car racing is another form of racing which is more popularly found in Canada, United States and Great Britain.
  • Stock car racing is often held in oval rings which are often of length 4.2 kilometers and 2.66 miles.
  • Sometimes stock car racing can be raced on roads. If the Stock car race is conducted on ovals which are shorter than 1 mile it is called short stock racing.
  • And when unpaved short tracks are used in stock racing they are called dirt tracks.
  • To know more about their speed limits, types of races you can search information on tracks like Lowe's Motor Speedway or Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Formula 1

  • The most popular of auto racing is this segment of race which is legal as well as loved by millions across the world.
  • Formula 1 is the highest class of all open racing and its defined as the costliest race by the Federation International de l' Automobile (FIA), which is motor sport's world governing body.
  • The formula is the name given because all drivers must follow the rules and regulations of this race.
  • There are a series of races that occurs in Formula 1 which is also called F1.
  • There are series like Grand Prix, Closed city streets and built in circuits.
  • The results of all these series are calculated to announce the winner of the year both for the drivers and the constructors of such cars.
  • The cars race more than speed of 320 km/hr and are full of thrills and exciting moments.
  • The F1 cars have many things which decide the fate of the race like aerodynamics, electronics, tires and suspensions.

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Auto Racing Parts:

  • The parts of the car used play a vital role in racing.
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  • These parts include body parts, both interior and exterior like spoilers, hoods and others, engine parts, wheel parts like alloy wheels and others.

Area Auto Racing News

  • If you are an ardent fan of auto racing and the cars then you must love the magazines and newspapers meant for them.
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Auto Racing Schools

  • People who wish to make a career in racing and thinks that they can do it, there is a good news that they can learn it.
  • The auto racing schools teach people all about racing and how to race. Here are schools which are specific like:
  • formula one schools,
  • Stock racing schools and others.
  • They have skilled and experienced trainers to train enthusiasts.