Australia Netball Team

Union Netball Australia
Full name Australian Netball Diamonds
Nickname(s) Diamonds
Region Asia
CEO Kate Palmer
Chairman Noeleen Dix
Captain Sharelle McMahon
Coach Norma Plummer
Most capped player Liz Ellis (122)
IFNA ranking 2nd

Australian Netball Diamonds Competitive Record

Netball World Championships
Year Championship Location Placing
1963 1st World Championships Eastbourne, England Champions
1967 2nd World Championships Perth, Australia 2nd place
1971 3rd World Championships Kingston, Jamaica Champions
1975 4th World Championships Auckland, New Zealand Champions
1979 5th World Championships Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago Joint 1st
1983 6th World Championships Singapore Champions
1987 7th World Championships Glasgow, Scotland 3rd place
1991 8th World Championships Sydney, Australia Champions
1995 9th World Championships Birmingham, England Champions
1999 10th World Championships Christchurch, New Zealand Champions
2003 11th World Championships Kingston, Jamaica 2nd place
2007 12th World Championships Auckland, New Zealand Champions
2011 13th World Championships Singapore TBD


Netball at the Commonwealth Games
Year Games Event Location Placing
1998 XVI Games 1st Netball Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Champions
2002 XVII Games 2nd Netball Manchester, England Champions
2006 XVIII Games 3rd Netball Melbourne, Australia 2nd place
2010 XIX Games 4th Netball Delhi, India 2nd place


World Netball Series
Year Tournament Location Placing
2009 1st World Series Manchester, England 3rd place
2010 2nd World Series Liverpool, England 4th place


Netball at the World Games
Year Games Event Location Placing
1985 2nd World Games 1st Netball London, England 2nd place
1989 3rd World Games 2nd Netball Karlsruhe, Germany 2nd place
1993 4th World Games 3rd Netball The Hague, Netherlands Champions

Australian Netball Diamonds 2011 Players

Player Information Tests Played
Name Positions 2011 ANZ Championship team Com Games JAM Tests NZ Tests 2011 NWC
Kate Beveridge GS, GA Melbourne Vixens - yes - -
Madison Browne WA, C Melbourne Vixens - yes - -
Rebecca Bulley GD, GK, WD New South Wales Swifts yes yes - -
Catherine Cox GS, GA New South Wales Swifts yes yes - -
Susan Fuhrmann GK West Coast Fever yes yes - -
Laura Geitz GK, GD Queensland Firebirds yes yes - -
Mo'onia Gerrard GD, WD New South Wales Swifts yes - - -
Kimberlee Green C, WA, WD New South Wales Swifts yes yes - -
Renae Hallinan WD, C, WA Melbourne Vixens yes - - -
Sharelle McMahon (captain) GA, GS Melbourne Vixens yes yes - -
Natalie Medhurst GA, GS Queensland Firebirds yes yes - -
Lauren Nourse C, WA Queensland Firebirds yes yes - -
Susan Pratley GA, GS New South Wales Swifts yes - - -
Amy Steel GD, GK Queensland Firebirds - yes - -
Natalie von Bertouch (vice captain) C, WD, WA Adelaide Thunderbirds yes yes - -