Athletic Sports

This refers to all those sports, games, and exercises that require physical skills or stamina. There have been lots and lots of benefits of using this kind of sports. It helps us in maintaining our health, makes us fit, improves our lifestyle, removes health problems, reduce weight, etc. Even it plays very vital in young players and makes them energetic.

Athlete is an important part of Olympics and Asian Games too, as it’s not a long game like cricket, but still there are lots of spectators and fans of this sport all over world. It is the most attracting sports of Olympic, and hence earns a good amount of money by spectators.

Players who participated in these kinds of sports also earn good and handsome salary. It is a good revenue generated sports. A player is both beneficiated by financial as well as health prospect by playing these games. It’s not a single sport, it is a combination of various sports, which basically includes: -

  • Racing;- LIt includes all men and women racing like 25mt, 50mt, 100mt, 400mt, 800mt, etc and even relay race too.,
  • High Jump:- This athletic sport is define as a competitions that involves jumping as high as possible by a horizontal high bar.
  • Shot-put:- Athletic sports that involves throwing a high metal ball as far as possible.
  • Long Jump:- This refers to the sports in which competitors jump as long as possible.

Above sports are just a few examples of athletic sports, but there are lots more. Athletics is basically a pure sport as compare to all other sports. Athletics Sports like other sports too, produce some of the most revered as well as idolized figure in society. This sport is basically a fitness builder sport. It helps the athletes a lot in maintaining body shape.

Apart from fitness builder, it’s a speedy and flexible kind of sport. Many of the athletes should be well known for their specialized performance in sports. These athletic sports are very much famous in India too. There is lots of Training Center in India, for the promotion of Athletic Sport. Indian Athletes shows tremendous performances in 1974 Asian Games, and won 15 medals. Many recent athletes, also shows tremendous performances to highlight India, in the world of Athletic Sports. There are few stars of Indian Athletes like.

  • P.T. Usha:- Best Athlete ever of India, always shows her best performance to highlight the Country.
  • Shiny Abraham:- One of the finest Asia’s 400m and 800 m contestant in world athletic sports.
  • J.J. Shoba:- Known as a Heptathlon Player. Participated in Afro-Asian Games of 2003-2004, and shows her best performance. She creates Nation Record in the year 2004. Notice in year 2004, for her good performance in 2004 Athens, Olympics.
  • K.M. Beenamol:- She becomes 2nd Indian after P.T.Usha to reach semi- final in Olympic Games at Sydney in 2000.
  • Milkha Singh:- One of the greatest athletes, India ever produced. Represents India in 1960 Rome Olympics and 1964 in Tokyo Olympics. In 1960 Olympic, he is one of the strongest contestant for gold, but finished as a runner up.

There are few organizations, which are founded for promoting Athletic sports all over the world. High Performance Training Centers (HPTC) is founded in 1997 for training and development of International classes athletes and coaches. Sports Authority Of India (SAI) is another organization having 23 training centers in Residential as well as Non-Residential Areas.

So these are also famous kind of sports, players use for monetary purpose or for heath benefit, etc. It’s a good option to maintain body shape.