Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic Gymnastic by name it shows that it's a part of gymnastic sports and needs the special skills among the participants.

Gymnastic is defined as a sport activity that includes the involvement of body movement; it also includes your body balance, your physical strength and most importantly your body flexibility

Artistic Gymnastic is a kind of Gymnastic in which a participant performed in a short routines or rounds especially around 30-90 seconds he will be given to perform the action.

Artistic Gymnastic includes few rules and regulations and also a complete formation of age limits, scorings and code of points, compulsories, etc are the few famous among them.

Gymnastic is considered as one of the oldest sports, history says that it is around 2000 years old, and Ancient Greece is known as its birthplace. Though some Asian countries especially China and India too play a vital role in the history of Gymnastic, as here it is used for health prospects.

In 1881 a new introduction come in the world of Gymnastic, that is formation of an organization named as International Gymnastic Federation (IGF) with the purpose of promoting Gymnastic sports all over the World.

Artistic Gymnastic sports plays very vital role in the field of sports as it is a part of Summer Olympics too.

There are two types

  • Men's Artistic Gymnastic
  • Woman Artistic Gymnastic

Men's Artistic Gymnastic (MAG), it's a part of Olympics in 1896, it is considered as one of the major sports though that time the word Gymnastic is not perfectly defined. It helps in formation of many other games like rope climbing, club swimming, etc.

Artistic Gymnastic among the women's leads to the involvement woman artistic gymnastic (WAG) in Olympics sports was in year 1928.

Countries that participates in these games are

  • Japan
  • China
  • United States
  • Romania, Russia
  • Ukraine

Many organizations are working all over the world with experienced trainers to make Artistic Gymnastic popular all over the world.

In year 2005, a world championship was organized in this sport, which was ranked as one of the most spectator sports. This was organized from 21-27 Nov 2005 at Melbourne.

World class Gymnastic promoting organizations are

  • Chinese Gymnastics Association
  • Federation Francoise de Gymnastics
  • Federazione Ginnastica d'Italia
  • Japan Gymnastic Association
  • Mexican Gymnastics Federation
  • Romanian Gymnastics Federation
  • British Gymnastics
  • USA Gymnastics
  • Irish Gymnastics Association

So above we try to explain about Gymnastic, Artistic Gymnastic, their popularity, their organizations, role in Olympics, participated Countries, etc. Hope you all are satisfied as per the above discussion.