Archery Sports

Archery Games

Archery is a game of using bows to shoot arrows.

The participants are called archers.

Historically the archery was practiced while hunting or as a self defense tool. But now a day it is a very popular sport.

Archery Equipments

  • Archery equipments include bow, arrow and string.
  • There are many different types of bow that are used.
  • A short bow is a smaller bow which is quick to shot, handy and easy to conceal. These kind of bows are mainly used for hunting and self defense by the tribes of North America and the Bushmen of South Africa
  • A longbow is a longer version which is usually taller or equal to the height of the shooter. longbow is D-shaped bow which is wider at the holding place. English had used mostly the long bow for hunting and warfare.
  • A flat bow is a rectangular, flat bow with wide limbs.
  • A recurve bow is the kind of bow that is shot at the Olympics games. recurve bow is basically same as the traditional bow but the ends of the limbs are curved for more forceful shot. Compound bow is specially designed to reduce the force to hold and let off the bow.
  • Crossbow is another modified bow of the general bow design. It is used to shoot quarrels or bolts also called projectiles.
  • Crossbows played a vital role in the warfare of North Africa, Europe and Asia.
  • Nowadays, it is mainly used for target shooting and hunting.

Archery history

  • Archery history shows evidences of the invention of the bows in the early Mesolithic age.
  • The most primitive evidences come from the Hamburg Germany’s late Paleolithic Hamburgian culture, which dates back to 9000-8000 BC. The arrows were made from pine trees.
  • The bow was one of the earliest forms of artillery.
  • The Egyptian culture used to begin the use of bow and arrows as the evidences show the variety of bows and arrows used in all its dynasties.Archery was well developed in the Islamic dynasties of Asia.
  • In East Asia, the Korean civilization was well known for the archery skills. South Korea still remains the stronger team at the Olympic archery competitions.

Traditional Archery

  • Horse archers were highly skilled in the Central Asians and American Plains. The advent of firearms eventually declined the usage of bows and arrows.
  • Archery played a vital role in several mythologies like Greek Artemis and Apollo, Germanic Agilaz.
  • Archery also portrayed the characters with main warfare weapon in legends like William Tell, Palnetoke and Robin Hood. Presently, archery is the national sport of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Archery Tips

  • There are certainly some useful Archery tips for skilled archery but good and prolonged practice is the ultimate tip.
  • There are two kinds of archer pullers and pushers.
  • But a good archer needs to be both. You should never grip the bow.
  • There should be a 45 degree angle grip on the bow. The bow arm should be straight not bent, at all.
  • The elbows should not be sticking out and getting hit by the string when we release the arrow as it hurts a lot. Push forward with bow arm towards the target. Imagine the arm as a single unit and push with all the energy in it.

Bow Hunting

  • Bow hunting is the hunting of animals using archery.
  • The difference between the bow hunting and the usual hunting is the fact that in archery the archer is at a very short distance from the prey.
  • The skill is about staying close and hidden to aim a shot and then catch the animal or the prey.

Modern Competitive Archery Game

  • Modern ccompetitive archery game involves shooting arrows at a target from a set distance.
  • This is the most popular form of game and is called Target archery. Many competitions are held worldwide, mostly organized and governed by International Archery Federation.
  • Target archery competitions may be played indoors or outdoors.
  • Field archery is a game of shooting at targets at varying distances mostly in rough terrain.
  • 3D archery is a modified kind of field archery in which archer aims shots at life-size models of game and is popular with hunters.