Animal Sports

As per the name Animal sports in which animals participates and play important role in matches or games as the players. As the players are animals, this makes the sports more excited, adventurous, etc. People love to watch these animal games or animal sports. Even children too love to watch these animal games, as we are known that children are the great fans of animals and animal sports.

Animal games or animal sports are famous almost all over the world. Media too plays important roles in promotion of Animal games (Animal sports), and makes animal sports famous everywhere. An animal sports is very old concept, which changes from time to time. Today the most important animal games or animal sports are horse racing, polo and dog racing, etc.

Before taking part in animal games the animals are well trained by their professional trainers so that animals may not harm anyone and they show their best performance in the match. Win to any animal in these sports goes to his trainer, so trainer plays most important role in animal sports. Bull riding is also one of the popular world animal game. Whereas dogs and horse are known as best animal sports players in horse racing, dog racing.

Animal sports are best among children, they enjoyed a lot by seeing animal sports. Even circus is also known as a animal sports where different animals shows their skills like elephant plating football, monkey bicycling, dogs jumping from iron rings, etc. These sports are very risky in nature that’s why sometime people call it BLOOD SPORTS. There are different types of categories of sports involved in animal sports like racing famous for horse racing, fighting sports like cockfighting or cow fighting, but these are illegal sports as they harm animals, and one on one sports especially like polo, etc.

Apart from all this there are few live shows of training of animals also comes under animal sports. Even in Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea, every year there is a World Animal Sports organized where these animals participates with their trainers. In hilly areas there are a competitions among dogs of snow racing, which is very much popular and people from all over world loved to watch snow racing. Even though they cant saw it live, but they see these competitions through their sports channel, which also shows how much these sports channels are promoting sports all over the world.

Many fighting sports are too parts of animal sports but due to some legal concept animal fighting sports are banned in many countries. There is a major drawback in these animal sports as animal trainers torture them a lot in their training so that they can win, though its illegal and a crime. Because the purpose of this sport is fun and enjoyment and not any monetary competition, but many trainers torture their animals, just for win, they play the game not for fun, but for money. That’s really a bad concept in the name of sports.

Though we all know that these are good adventurous sports and having lots of benefits for these animal participants too, but there are few drawback too, like in horse racing, people does gambling, which is illegal in many countries. Another disadvantage is that every trainer wants his team to win, and for that he really force the animals to do lots of overwork and train them for 12-15 hrs a day, which is dangerous for animal life, and if proper training is not provided to these animals, it may cause death or injury to the animals. It’s essential for us to remove these drawbacks from the animal sports. Apart from these drawbacks there are no other disadvantages of animal sports.

So, above we had tried to discuss the topic of Animal sports, its popularity among children, role of media, benefits in today sports and drawbacks, etc. Hope you all are satisfied with my above discussions and you too are against thetrainers who tortured a lot too animals for winning purpose.