All Africa Games 2015

All Africa games also known as Pan Africa Games or African games was established in the year 1920. The first games were commenced in the 1920 then later in 1925 in Algeria and 1928 in Alexandria of Egypt, despite of the efforts that were put in were failed. That followed a three decade wait for the African games to be reinitialized in the year 1965 in Brazzaville, Congo and the games were given an official nod from International Olympic Committee's as being a standard with other continental Games such as the Asian Games and the Pan American Games. Athletes from 30 Countries around 2,500 athletes competed and Egypt topped the medal count for the first games.

All Africa Games were managed by the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa (SCSA) and awarded second edition in 1973 after the Biafra War that just ended in Nigeria. To honor the Games 50th Anniversary in 2015, Brazzaville will host the Pan African Games.

Host city: Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo

Main venue: New Kintele Stadium

Nations participating: 54 (projected)

Events: 22

Opening ceremony: September 2015

Closing ceremony: 19 September 2015


2015 All Africa Games Sports


All Africa Games Past History

Year City Countries Date Highest Medal
1965 Brazzaville  Republic of Congo 18 - July 25  Egypt
1969 Bamako  Mali [b] - -
1973 Lagos  Nigeria 07 - January 18  Egypt
1978 Algiers  Algeria 13 - July 28  Tunisia
1987 Nairobi  Kenya 01 - August 12  Egypt
1991 Cairo  Egypt September 20 - October 1  Egypt
1995 Harare  Zimbabwe 13 - September 19  South Africa
1999 Johannesburg  South Africa 10 - September 19  South Africa
2003 Abuja  Nigeria 05 - Oct 17  Nigeria
2007 Algiers  Algeria 11 - July 23  Egypt
2015 Maputo  Mozambique 03 - 18 September  
2019 Luanda