All Africa Games 2015 Tickets

Tickets for All Africa Games

All Africa Games will be held in September 2015. Travelers will have all Africa Games tickets, which are made available. It has been expected that All Africa Games will create a big history and remarkable tone in the Africa soil this time. Africa people are also enthusiastic to make this to be a successful event. The Marcom Africa Company is responsible for the entire marketing and communications. People from around the world can easily visit this place without any hassles. They will have good residential hotels and accommodations.

According to Games Officials, there will be more than 7,000 people to join the Games out of all 5,000 are athletes, coaches and officials, 2,000 are journalists. Expected numbers of tourists are more than 30,000. The Games locations are Zimpeto, Maputo, Matola, and Bilene Chidenguele. The Opening ceremony will be held at the National Stadium Zimpeto and the Closing ceremony will be held at the National Stadium Zimpeto.

How to Find All Africa Games tickets ?

All Africa Games tickets 2015 will be available soon online as well as from the Games department. People who wish to enjoy the real time games they can easily book tickets. There is a game village constructed by the Games authority. Common people can have many beautiful and affordable places to get accommodations.

Some Important Travel Tips for All Africa Games

As the games will be held in the Africa country Mozambique and this is a tropical country and hence you need to take good care of your health during your stay in the country. The weather of this country is hot. However, travelers have to take additional cloths for uncertain cold due to rain. Travelers can use comfortable clothing and shoes for long trips, which is highly recommend. It is better not to intake much food over there. You can use much fluid for betterment of your health.  Get a hotel card, which is important to get accommodation over there. Always be careful before boarding because you have to check for any documentation to date.