Adventure Sports

As the name suggests it is a sport that is related to unlimited fun, enjoyment, entertainment and adventure. In other words we can say that adventurous sports define as certain games, sports in which high degree of risk is involved, this is basically a media term and its not a single game, but combination of many games. As a high level of risk is involved a player should better be alert and take proper safety precautions so that he can avoid injuries. There is lots of media coverage for these sports and a Sports channel earns lots and lots of money by promoting these sports. Young generations are great fan of these sports as there is extreme action, stunts and risk involved in the game. After watching these games they also want to be a participant in these games.

Similarly, this is a good source of money earning. And the participant gets handsome offers from the organizers of the games. As there is high degree of risk involved, carelessness of players can even cause heavy injuries or death, hence a player should always be alert and has to follow each and every rule and take proper safety precautions. As there is lots of money involve in this sport, a person can make this sport as his profession.

If we are speaking about adventure sports in India, then few tourist places comes in our mind like Goa, Shimla, Hills of Himalayas, Rishikesh, etc. Places like Goa, and Rishikesh are very much famous for its water adventurous sports, people from different places come here to participate in these water adventurous sports. People mainly do this for fun and entertainment purpose and to spent time in their holidays. Even though some professional tournaments also organized every year in Goa, where professional players take part. These adventurous water and extreme sports are specially organized in summer season and another reason to organize this is to beat the heat and also known as one of the recreation activity.

Another kind of adventurous sports are like trekking, mountaineering, mountain cycling, skating, motorcycle trailers, motorcycle trailer and accessories etc as per the name these sports are always played in hill stations or in mountains and In India these are played in places like Kufri, Shimla, Nainital, Hills of Himalayas, etc. Purposes for using these sports too are fun and enjoyment. Ice adventurous games are mainly played in winter season when hills are fully covered with snow. Especially in Shimla and Kufri every year special sports promoted programmes are organized and participants comes from different cities to take part in these adventurous sport. Media and journalist coverage is also present in these games.

So, above I had just tried to express my views about adventure sports, with the help of meaning, promotion, risk involved, and how much and where it is famous in India. Hope you all are satisfied with my above discussion aboutAdventure sports , though I had never play these game, but want to experience this in my life and having a suggestion for you too that always take proper safety precaution whenever you are playing these games.

As due to carelessness of players it may cause death or serious injuries to the participant, always try to be alert to avoid these accidents and hence safety precaution are valuable and essential thing inadventure sport. Apart from media coverage, tourism is another thing that promotes these adventurous as in mountains, rivers, etc the tourist arrange their camps and do these sports like trekking, river rafting, mountaineering, boating, etc. Whether they may do this for recreation purpose or as a professional depends on the situation.