2009 Artistic Gymnastics Championship

Artistic Gymnastics Championship

The 2009 Artistic Gymnastics Championship starting from 13th-18th October will be held at London for the first time.

World Championships 2009 will give a clear idea about the transformation in the ranks of participants - which established gymnasts will stay and defend their positions for 2012 and which new names should be noted in advance of the London Games.

In 2009 Championships they are not including the team event but focusing on the individuals.

Where we can see the worlds best gymnasts outstanding performances representing all 2008 Olympic winning nations like China, Japan, USA, Russia, Poland, France, PRK, Korea, Croatia, Great Britain, Romania, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Spain and Germany, along with many other nations.

2009 Artistic World Gymnastic Championships in London will follow the same competition format of last world championship which was held in Melbourne Aus 2005 with 189 men and 95 women gymnasts representing 67 national federations.

Artistic World Gymnastic Championships 2009 will start with the Qualifying round 1which will outline the top 24 Men and Women who will proceed to the next level as Individual All-around Finals. Then the top eight competitors 6 from men and 4 apparatus for women will take a challenge for the medals in the Apparatus Finals as round 3. No scores from the Qualifying round are carried over to the Finals.

Artistic World Gymnastic Championships 2009 will be a key moment for all rising gymnastic stars of tomorrow, and for all those participants who will be making their mark in the Olympic Games three years later.