2008 Wimbledon Tennis Championships

Wimbledon Tennis 2008 Championships

Undoubtedly the answer will be “The Wimbledon” if the question is rising towards the best tennis tournament of the world. Of course, Wimbledon tennis championship tournament is the most reputed event of tennis sports or among the the four tennis Grand slams. The generally said ‘Wimbledon’ is officially termed as “The Championship, Wimbledon”, the oldest affair in the annual-sport history and currently claiming Wimbledon tennis championship tournament is to be as the biggest money offering event in the world tennis.

Being the organizer as well as host of 2008 Wimbledon tennis championship tournament , London brings itself on the centre of attraction during the crucial two weeks of June & July, every year. The most specific fact about this most reputed tournament (Wimbledon Tennis 2008) is that this is the Grand Slam, only one in the world, played on the grass that makes it too difficult to win. The rye grass is used to compose the all the 19 courts, hosting courts for Wimbledon tennis championship tournament, and it promotes the speed and lower downs the bounce of tennis balls.

Now again time has came to indulge in excitement, to control your nerves and to manage your emotions towards your favorite as the 23rd June of 2008 is in full enthusiasm to provide a wonderful start to world war of tennis so called ‘the Wimbledon’ 2008 or '2008 Wimbledon Tennis Championship Tournaments'.

Player Entries for 2008 Wimbledon Tennis Championship Tournaments

Interested players for Wimbledon tennis 2008 championship tournament have to fill an Wimbledon 2008 entry form and submit an entry form before the six weeks from the opening date of Wimbledon 2008 tennis championship. On the base of Player’s ATPWTA rankings the Committee of Management for Wimbledon tennis 2008 championship tournament will decide that which player deserve to get direct entry in the Wimbledon 2008 and who has to go through qualify matches of Wimbledon tennis 2008, and who does not deserve to play in the Wimbledon tennis 2008 tournament.

Provisional Programmed for 2008 Wimbledon Tennis Championship Tournament
  • The opening time of the ground for Wimbledon tennis 2008 has been scheduled as 10.30 am every day.
  • For the 1st eight days of famous grand slam wimbledon tennis 2008 championship tournament , the scheduled to be started at noon, and during second week of Wimbledon 2008, it is scheduled for junior matches at 11am. All these matches will be played at Courts 2 to 19.
  • At the Centre and the No.1 Courts the game for Wimbledon 2008 tennis will be starts at 1pm, but for final 2 days of Wimbledon tennis 2008 championship tournament the beginning time of the matches has been schedules as 2pm.
  • The initial rounds of Mens Singles & Women's SingleWomen's Doubles & Mixed DoublesMen’s Doubles are scheduled to be played at all courts while the show courts will host the matches of top seeds in Wimbledon tennis 2008 championship tournament.
  • The junior’s and Veterans’ events will be start on the middle of Saturday at the Show Courts as well as at out side courts.
  • No 1 Court will be under the full day program during the last 3 days of Wimbledon tennis 2008 ; the veterans and the junior’s matches will be providing the full entertainment to audience.

Almost all the potential effort has been made in order to sport the attractive matches to be played at court, accompanied with a spectator accommodation. Notable point is that the WImbledon tennis 2008 championship scheduled as well as Wimbledon tennis 2008 tournament venues of the matches can be changed as according to situation and the rain is the most effecting factor in the matches schedules for Wimbledon tennis 2008 championship tournament.

Any of the matches of the Wimbledon tennis 2008 can be canceled or postponed any time because of rain and that’s why few particular procedures are ruled dedicated to Rain-delay.

Procedural for rain delay during Wimbledon Tennis 2008 Championship Tournament

Court covering during Wimbledon Tennis 2008 Championship
  • Referee will decide that whether the court is to be covered or not.
  • As soon as the court is uncovered, minimum time has to be taken to dry it.
  • Resume system will be applied on the game and the game will be started again from the same point where it was interrupted.
  • The London Weather Centre is suggested to cover the court just on fixing the possibility of rain so that on the public interest, game may be resumed without the wasting time.
Warm-up Rules in Wimbledon Tennis 2008 Tournament
  • In the rain causes ten minute late or less, the player will not be allowed to warm up.
  • If it is delay 11-20 minutes, only three minute warm up is allowed to the players.
  • In the case of 20 minute delays of match, players are allowed to warm up for five minutes.

2008 Wimbledon Tennis Championships

Top 6 Tennis Players

Andy Murray

Rank : 1

Novak Djokovic

Rank : 2

Rafael Nadal

Rank : 4

Roger Federer

Rank : 5

Milos Raonic

Rank : 6

Serena Williams

Rank : 2

Simona Halep

Rank : 4

Elina Svitolina

Rank : 6

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