Zipper Day 2017

The person who invented the sewing machine, Elias Howe, was sent a patent for what was called an “Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure” in the year 1851. Unfortunately, he did not see the relevance of it, thereby missing the chance of becoming the founder of the zipper.

It was more than forty years later that a model similar to the 1851 “Clothing Closure” but it was unwieldy and not practical for everyday use. However, it was not until 1917 that a commercially viable model of zipper was successfully manufactured and later popularized by the B F Goodrich Company who also first coined the word “zipper”. National Zipper Day is celebrated on the 28th of April each year to mark the day it is believed that the zipper was actually launched.

Activities on Zipper Day

  • On this day, one thing you can do is to use as many articles with zippers as possible – clothes, bags, boots and so on.

  • This is a day when you can have all the items with spoilt zippers fixed. There are usually shops which undertake repair of zippers and if you cannot find such a shop, then with a few basic hand tools, maybe you can give a shot at zip repairing yourself.

  • Tell others around you that today is zipper day. You can do this by calling them up, meeting them or giving them customized greeting cards featuring pictures of zippers.

With so much to do on Zipper Day, you will be sure of making the day an interesting one.

Zipper Day 2017