Yule Festival 2016

Yule festival synonymously known as Yuletide is of German origin celebrated by the Germans and the neighboring people. This religious festival was initially equated with Christmas before being absorbed as a religious fest. The history of Yule fest dates back to German month names also known as Jiuli. Yule festival is celebrated as the scholars had connected it to the celebration of Wild Hunt, the God Odin, a rise in the mystic activity, and the pagan Modranicht of Anglo-Saxon origin.

History of Yule Festival

Yule dates back to Nordic countries when people celebrated this winter festival equivalent to Christmas and also other holidays of the season. The Germans and Nordic countrymen named this festival as Yule according to their calendar where as the English speaking countries call it as Christmas. The rituals and rites are related to Yule log, Yule goat, Yule boar, Yule singing whereas the Neopagans have established their own rites and rituals.

Activities of Yule Festival

Growing bigger and better season by season, year by year; the Yule Festival now comprises of blizzard party-crashing snow beasts including activities like Snowball Fight where one can check the Snowball Arena to have a ball out in snow, a theatre event where locals can catch the seasonal snow show, the eating contest where the participants get to eat pies, eggs, mushrooms and much more, the festival square- a market place for enjoyment with fellow mates to raise a toast to the winter and snow season, and last but not the least, the new winter festival mount where people can join the horse race to win a frosty steed.

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