World Youth Day

World Youth Day 2019 is celebrates on 22 – 27 January at PANAMA

World Youth Day

World Youth Day (WYD) is celebrated to spread the message of Jesus Christ. The main protagonists of this celebration are the youth. It is through this young blood that the organization hopes to spread the hope and unity of faith in Christ. The WYD is an annual congregation where thousands of young people gather to celebrate Christ.

Where: WYD is a week long festival held every 2 or 3 years in different predetermined locations. The World Youth Day 2013 congregation is being held at the Brazilian capital city of Rio de Janeiro from 23rd July to 28th July, 2013.

How to register: For this year’s celebrations, you can register online on the official website of WYD. Accommodations are arranged at various places in the city and you can choose the one you want while registering for the event. All bookings will be done based on availability status at that point of time.

World Youth Day Celebrations:

The theme of the 28th WYD in 2013 is “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28:19). This was announced during the last meeting in 2011 held at Spain, by Pope Benedict XVI. As with every meeting this year too, the celebrations will include catechesis, testimonials, cultural activities and music festivals. The main events of the festival will be the Opening Mass, Papal Welcome Ceremony, Vigil of Youth with the Pope, Stations of the Cross and the Final Mass. This year too more than 190 countries are expected to join the celebrations to make it a magnanimous event.

World Youth Day Host Cities

Year Date Host Attendance
1984 April 15 Rome, Vatican City, Italy 300,000
1985 March 31 Rome, Vatican City, Italy 300,000
1987 April 11–12 Buenos Aires,  Argentina 1,000,000
1989 August 15–20 Santiago de Compostela,  Spain 400,000
1991 August 10–15 Częstochowa,  Poland 1,600,000
1993 August 10–15 Denver,  United States 500,000
1995 January 10–15 Manila,  Philippines 4,000,000
1997 August 19–24 Paris,  France 1,200,000
2000 August 15–20 Rome, Italy  Vatican City 2,000,000
2002 July 23–28 Toronto,  Canada 800,000
2005 August 16–21 Cologne,  Germany 1,200,000
2008 July 15–20 Sydney,  Australia 400,000
2011 August 15–21 Madrid, Spain 1,400,000–2,000,000
2013 July 23 – 28  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 3,700,000
2016 July 25 – 31 Krakow, Polamd 1,400,000 - 2,000,000
2019 January 22-27



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